Friday, 30 August 2013

Three Things 18/52

It's year of happy time again, the weeks really are flying by.We've got to the time of year when we get  the most wonderful sunset. Any road here are this weeks 'three things'.

Number one:

Bank holiday Monday in the UK saw our annual family garden party, this year hosted at my Aunts house.  We have a family  get together like this every summer, it was something my Grandad started, a social gathering every summer as he felt it was a good way to celebrate rather than all the family just meeting up on sad occasions.  Even though it has been some year now since he sadly passed away, we still honour his wish, that we should have these annual summer get together.

So on Monday we had a lovely afternoon with wonderful food and drink, a good old get together, with Aunts and Uncle's, Cousin's and Grandchildren Niece's Nephews. Brothers and Sisters, Parents and children. The children and some of the grown ups played croquet, quoits, rounders and had a Nerf gun battle.  While the rest of us caught up on each others lives and chatted away the afternoon, the perfect way to spend a bank holiday afternoon.  I was so pleased I felt just about  well enough to attend.

Number two:

This passed week I've started a new top secret crafting project, it's a gift so I won't be able to share this make with you yet, not until it's arrived at it's destination, but I've been taking lots of pics so I can blog about it at a later date. On Wednesday, I got to play with this little beauty for part of the make.  It's my Mum Singer Sewing machine, and it's such a beautiful thing, I just love these  gorgeous old sewing machines.  This Singer sure does make my heart sing with the happy.

Number three:

Yesterday 'P' was planting a new Hydrangea in the garden, I love these lovely blousy flowers, especially the pale pink ones, in the planting process one of the bloom snapped on the plant so I popped into a vase and now it is happily sitting on my bedside table.

Well that this weeks 'three things'  of late summer happiness, what has made you smile this week?

Clare x


  1. Lovely happy things and lovely that you all still carry on the tradition that your grandad set.
    M x

  2. What a lovely idea to have a family get- together just because. Love your Mum's vintage sewing machine - my grandmother had one like that and I've always wished my mother had not decided to get rid of it. Happy Sewing Clare! E x

    1. Thanks E, they are lovely old machines. x

  3. Lovely happies, and what a really special family tradition to have - what fun and good to hear that you were well enough to attend.
    Have a happy weekend,