Friday, 9 August 2013

Suffolk, Sunshine and Storms :: Southwold

So this is the last of the holiday posts.  Today we are off to Southwold, for some boating a potter around the shops and a bit of beach time.

First up the boys wanted to go on the little boating lake while the grown ups had a cuppa in the lovely little tea rooms.  While dark clouds started to loom....

but enough about looming clouds, just look at the beach huts they are soooooooooo gorgeous, I know I'm a bit biased as I do love a shed, I think my companions thought I was a bit crazy but I just had to take some photo's of my favourites, that had been so lovingly painted.

So pretty all in a row

Meanwhile remember that cloud well it was getting darker and more looming, I had to take a photo of this storm cloud as it look truly amazing and it sure produced one heck of a thunder storm.

It almost formed like ripples would on sand until Ka boom huge thunder storm over head, luckily the boys had just got off the lake when .....

this happen!!!!
 when they say 'good weather for ducks' they are so wrong, as all the duck swam to the edge of the lake and waddled up to stand under the veranda of the cafe with the rest of us.

While the storm raged, lightning, thunder, high winds and torrential rain, just another summers day here in the UK !!  the cafe continued to serve cream teas through out 'keep calm and carry on !!'

With the storm passed and in the distance we ventured along the prom up into the town to find the lighthouse.

Which is strangely set amongst the houses in the old town,  'L' was super brave and climbed to the top of the light house, while the rest of us had a more sedate potter about the nearby shops.

After a lovely lunch of fish and chips, the boys and my cousin headed for the beach, while we did a bit of hoilday gift shopping and purchased a special bottle of something from the towns Adnams brewery as part of our thank you gift.

Then we had a quick trip along the pier to admire the lovely beach huts along the front.

We also had a lovely afternoon tea while on the pier with a very yummy chocolate fudge brownie, surrounded by the wonderful views of Southwold.

One last look at the beach huts, I do love them so. Then it was off home to the cottage.

Via Southwold's old harbour so pretty in the late evening light.

Sadly our holiday was over we had just enough time to complete the cottages visitors book, in the traditional way of a picture of all that we'd been up to. Then it was time to leave our thank you gifts, pack up the car and say goodbye.....

and no sorry  'L' you can't take a duckie home.

Happy Holidays, time for Auntie Clare to go home and have a rest.

Clare xx


  1. Oh my those are the most beautiful sheds I ever did see :)

    1. I know they are sooo gorgeous, I wish I'd had the time to take some more photos. x
      Clare x

  2. Hi Clare,
    Thank you for your comment and introducing me to your lovely blog. Your holiday in Suffolk looks wonderful despite some rain. I like those decorated beach huts.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah thank you for stopping by the Summerhouse. x