Friday, 16 August 2013

Three Things 16/52

Here's this weeks year of happy post, the weeks seem to be flying by, and I'm starting to sense every now and then, Autumn in the air, but  I'm desperately trying to hold on to Summer for a little while longer. So on that note here's this weeks 'Three Things'

Number one:

Are the gorgeous Geraniums that are in full bloom in the Summerhouse window boxes, in various shade of pink, but this bright one it my absolute favourite I love the colour so it just makes my heart sing, in what has been a bit of a tough week.

Number two:

Number two this week is a bit of Seaside Strolling (more on that another day)  I took this picture on Monday when I went on a bit of a scooter adventure with my family, we went along the prom, in my home town, something I guess you rarely do when you live in a place.  This photo was taken from the pier, a shot of my little old world seaside town.  The clouds have been just amazing lately, I do love to watch them roll by.

Number three :

Is not the cat, although he is very cute and much loved, no number three this weeks was watching the Perseid Meteor showers. This is something that we do every year at the Summerhouse, my Dad always used to have us out watching the meteor showers, which always used to fall around his birthday.

So now we watch the stars every year, it's a wonderful way to remember him. We do some serious prep for this, like he used to setting up the Recliner sun chairs, chairs, blankets and pillows on the lawn to watch the stars in comfort, with a nice cuppa tea, or hot chocolate.  I saw a few shooting stars over two nights and even spotted a couple of bats swooping over the garden, although my sister was somewhat bemused at 'L' and I renaming the constellations, (you'd think she's know me by now !!!)

The only problem with setting up for star gazing before it gets too dark is that, the summerhouse moggies do love a comfy chair and blanket, both Merlin and Dylan (picture above)  had snuggled down on the chairs, before the humans got to used them. Ah bless.

Well that's this weeks year of happy, what has made you smile this week ?

Clare xx


  1. How lovely to sit snuggled in a blanket with a warm cup to hug and watch the meteor showers, what a wonderful way to remember your Dad ~ Sarah x

  2. Stunning pictures, thank you for sharing your pictures and memories with us.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Irene. x

  3. I love to watch a meteor shower too. Your geranium is so bright and pretty.

    1. Me to natures such a wonderful thing. xx