Thursday, 8 August 2013

Three things 14/52

Hi, I'm running a bit behind with my year of happy posts, what with being a away so here's last weeks 'three things'.

Number one :

Are these holiday treasures I pick up while I was away, I love love love them both so much.  The first is this lovely handmade bracelet, cut from pieces of  patterned cake tins.  I loved this bracelet when I saw it, and finally decided to get one as my end of the holiday treat, I just love it so much.  One of the reasons I decided in the end to get it was that I had a butterfly necklace that my mum had bought me made by this jewellery designer and a was so sad when I lost it a few weeks ago.  Sadly they had no butterfly necklaces in the shop where I bought it, but I love this bracelet with it's flowers butterfly and bird.  I've put a link to the designers website  'here' be warned you'll be very tempted.

My other holiday treat was this fabulous folky enamel mug, that is going to be my Summer house mug, as it unbreakable.  It's just me cup of tea. It's a design Nina Jarema at Folklaw, a link is 'here'
to a online stockist. I dare not look, as I'd want it all !!!

Number two :

Coming home to find the Sweet peas in full bloom, I just had to pick a big bunch for the mantelpiece, there smell is divine, well worth putting up with the hay fever.

Number three:

This picture represents a fun filled holiday spent with family, the boys making some wonderful childhood memories. A very busy week, well worth the ME payback, only can someone with a chronic illness come home more exhausted than they went. Most people go away for a rest, me I come home for one, but at least I have some wonderful memories to look back on while I'm resting up and recovering.

I hope you had a happy week.
Clare xx


  1. I love all of your happy things. The bracelet is beautiful and so clever to use the cake tins. I think it's very unique and pretty.

    1. Thanks Jen, I was so sad when I lost my necklace, so was please to find the Jewelry being sold in Suffolk, I just could'nt resist.
      Clare x

  2. Lovely good things. I adore your little bracelet! It is so pretty.
    M x

    1. Hi M you should really check out the designer website she has some gorgeous stuff.
      Clare x