Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Three Things :: 15/52

I'm still running behind post wise where I was away and then spent last week trying to rest up and recover from my travels, so here's last weeks year of happy post. Last week was a tough one for me as I was feeling pretty lousy so it good to be able to try and find some happy.

Number one:

Is spending some time last week with my water colours out in the garden, painting for a few minutes at a time then coming inside and resting on the sofa before going out and doing another bit.  It would be lovely to just to sit and paint for as long as I wanted, but that's not a reality for me at the moment, but just being able to do a little bit and have some completed postcards to show for it made me happy.

Number two :

This one has made me skippy heart leaping happy. This one little shoot and the promise that it brings.  Way back in the Spring after listening to a radio show about orchids and how to get them to re flower. I move my three orchid plants (that had never re flowered) from the house, down to the Summer house.

The radio show said that if you move them to a cooler place then it triggers the plants to re flower and just lookie yippee !! I was so pleased last week when I noticed one of the orchid has thrown up a new flower shot. Happy Happy Happy.

My orchids will certainly being going on a little Spring break to the cool of the Summerhouse again next year.

Number three :

Is that I've started to play my mandolin again, after not being able to play since Christmas, due to a back problem.  My fingers have ceased up a bit but, it's great to be able to start playing again, but boy am I rusty. I'm going to try and play for ten minutes each day and try and build back up and hopefully make it to folk club at some point this year.

Well that's another week of happy recorded what made you happy this past week, why not leave a comment and let me know I love to read them.

Just before I go I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely comments that were left on my last post, they made me feel much better about my painting skills so thank you.

Clare xx


  1. These are lovely happies. I've never tried to grow an orchid so I am glad to hear yours is working out well. I hope you're feeling better now.

    1. Thanks Jen I just need to rest up, I'm really looking forward to seeing what colour the orchid is when it flowers as I can't remember which one is which. xx

  2. How fantastic that you play the mandolin! Hope you are feeling a bit better.
    M x

  3. What great happy things! The painting is lovely, hurray for the buds blooming, and good luck with the mandolin playing! Thank you for the blog visit and the comment x magpie x

    1. Thanks for stopping by my Summerhouse, and for your lovely comment. I'm so please that I held onto the orchids for several years dispite no flowers I'm so looking forward to seeing it flower again x