Saturday, 24 August 2013

Three Things 17/52

It's year of happy time again, so here's this weeks three things.

Number one :

Isn't this picture fab, it's meant to represent Craft Club, which is exactly as glamorous in real life, as the crafters in this shot. !! (in fact if you google 'craft club' this is one of the images that comes up, don't you just love that !!)  Having spent the last week or so resting in bed, it was wonderful, to be able to go out to the local craft club on Wednesday evening just for a little for a while, to chat with friends and eat chocolates, I took another little birdie from my birdhouse kit along to make. (more on that another day)

Number two :

Is warm summer rain, it's was a rainy all day Thursday here at the summer house and it was so lovely hearing the gentle rain falling, you could almost hear all the plants and trees in the garden sighing with relief as the warm rain fell.  If I were well enough this would have been the perfect summer rain to go for a walk in. So lovely but alas walking is beyond me these days so instead, I spent a little while sitting in the Summerhouse tidying the craft table, I took this picture of the geraniums in one of the Summerhouse window boxes while sat in the Summerhouse. I love all the little raindrops on the pink flowers.

Number three:

Number three this week is spending time with  good friends, yesterday afternoon, here at the Summerhouse we had a paddling pool come knit and natter get together,  it was a lovely afternoon with lots of paddling pool fun, for the children while grown ups chatted, laughed, knitted and crocheted, I finally finished the last pennant for my granny bunting.

We feasted on a picnic afternoon tea, including some yummy homemade blueberry muffins.

 I even taught my friends little boy how to crochet, look at the chain he made not bad for a young beginner, he was so keen he wanted to take the hook and yarn home with him to practise the double crochets I'd shown him.  We had such a lovely fun afternoon.  

Plus I'm glad to say that my energy levels are slowly picking up again, since Thursday I've  been feeling a little better each day so hopefully I'm starting to come out the other side of this recent flare up.

I hope you had a happy week

Clare x


  1. I didn't realise we looked so glamourous while crafting at the library! ;) I'm so glad you've managed to have such a good week despite feeling rough xxx

  2. Love the craft club photo! How nice that you taught your friends wee boy to crochet, he has made a fantastic little chain there.
    M x

    1. It's such a fab picture isn't it, I was really impressed with little 'B' he sat there for ages concentrating so had on it on his chain. x