Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Suffolk, Sunshine and Storms :: Dunwich

So here's part two of my Suffolk holiday posts, in this post we're off to Dunwich, by Wednesday the rain had die down to just a bit of drizzle, so we all decided to chance it and go on a adventure to the beautiful Dunwich heath. I usually go to the nearby Westleton heath so have never been to this part  before but was lured there by the promise of a MVP............ what's one of those I hear you ask ????

Well here I am avec the MVP, not sure what it stands for but it's a extra sturdy mobility scooter that can get out into nature, my little scooter wouldn't never have managed all this.   I had to have a bit of a lesson and test drive before the lady from the National Trust let me loose into the wilds, but it was well worth it I had such an amazing time as getting out to nature is something I really miss.  The boys were super excited about it all too and the sun actually came out for the start of the ramble.

I love the heath so much it's so stunning, sadly the heather is a bit late this year and I was hoping for a sea of purple, but it was gorgeous none the less, off we set with a map and a return time, we had a hour and half to manage a accessible route, after that the National Trust would be sending out a rescue party (I kid you not!!)

The heather was just starting to turn and there were lots of butterflies everywhere and evidence of bunnies (if you know what I mean) although I think the MPV was a little loud to see them, they had scarpered by the time we got there. Incidentally the pretty row of cottages on top of the cliff in the first picture are part of the old coast guards station, now own by the National trust, you can book and stay at these wonderful little cottages, very tempting.

The scenery was stunning, just look how gorgeous is this tree.

We continued along the sandy accessible path, it's such a great ides to help people with mobility problems access the heath. The National trust also have a three seater chauffeured buggy that can take people out on to the heath. As well as the usual walking and cycling, you can read more 'here'

Oh to be out in nature, aww the purples

The beautiful heathland.

The butts !!! 
yes the nine and ten year old boys found this very amusing and insisted I take a photo for the blog. 'Shooting Butts' is very funny it would seem. lol ;)

Aww one last look at the heather, that is just coming out, before we go off to the tearoom for a lovely cream tea as the rain starts to fall again  What a lovely way to spend a afternoon.  We are hopefully off to the New Forrest in the autumn and I definitely going to be doing some research to see if we can find a MPV to go out and about on there. Yippee.

Above are a couple of pictures taken a few years ago on nearby Weselton Heath, so stunning the heath in full bloom at it's very best. You can see why it's somewhere I love to go.

Once the rain had stopped we venture down onto Dunwich Beach for a while until the skies opened again and it was time for home.  Back to the cottage for a rest until a full scale water fight broke out in the back garden, the boys had so much fun.

Clare xx


  1. It looks lovely. It's a part of the country I haven't visited but looking at your blog I may have to remedy that. xxx melanie

    1. I love it so much, I recommend it as a great place to visit, I first went with my friends after we finished our A levels, 20 years ago time flies, eek has it really been that long.
      Clare x

  2. What gorgeous pictures, it's such a pretty county. So glad you managed to get back to nature on that souped up scooter. ~ Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, it was soooooo much fun, getting out and about in the countryside is something I realy miss, normally I have to stay close to the car or where the wheelchair can manage so this was fab.
      Clare xx