Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Suffolk, Sunshine and Storms : Walberswick

Hi, time for another holiday instalment.  Thursday we awoke to glorious sunshine and  azure blue skies, so there was nothing else for it a picnic was packed and we headed of to the beach at Walberswick.  Blue skies and shining waters the perfect start to the day.

I love this beach, with it's sand dunes and shallow waters, the boy went in and we able to walk out about 100m with the water still not reaching much higher than there waists.

Even I had a little paddle. Bliss

With Southwold lighthouse in the distance we set up camp in the sun dunes sheltered from the wind.  Then the serious business of hole digging and burying people in the sand started for the boys, while it was lovely for me just to be able to lie in the sun and listen to some folk music, my ipod on shuffle.  It's wonderful to be able to enjoy the sunshine while I'm having a break from my medication that causes me to usually be very allergic to the sun.

Just relaxing and taking it all in, no clouds today for cloud watching but I enjoyed lazily watching the kite that was flying above us. After a wonderful picnic lunch of goat cheese and red pepper quiche, salad and cherries. The rest of the party went off for a spot of a crabbing something the boys had been longing to do on the little wooden bridge you have to cross to get to the beach.

They had very refined crab bait of left over salmon and chicken and the boys reported back that salmon is the best for crabbing, in the end I think between the two of them they caught about fifteen.  They came running back so excited, don't worry they return all the crabs back to the wilds of Walberswick.

After that we packed up and said goodbye to the sea, heading for some shade as it was so very warm. I had a lovely cool glass of apple juice in the shaded part of the tea rooms garden before we had a little look around the few shops that make up Walberswick village.

Such a lovely little village, but so very busy, I always wonder what it would be like to live here off season, the beach must be just wonderful when deserted on a blustery autumn day.  

Clare x


  1. It looks like such a nice beach and the village is very pretty. Thank you for sharing your photos and experiences.