Monday, 29 April 2013

Out and About Sunday

Hello... today I thought I'd tell you all about my 'out and about Sunday', yes it was my birthday yesterday and sadly I didn't manage to make it on my much hoped for Bluebell woodland adventure It's just been to cold for the Bluebells this year.  It probably turned out for the best though as I really wasn't feeling that well yesterday, so hopefully I'll make it to the woods in a few weeks time.

So yesterday we all bundled into the car and off we drove, first stop a nearby garden centre for a look around and of course I purchased a little Birdie something, to add to my other Birdie things.

 Do you like it ? I think it'll fit right in at the Summerhouse.

I even managed to spot a little clump of Bluebells flowering amongst some trees at the edge of the garden centre car park, so I kinda got to see some bluebells, although I'm not sure if they are a native species. After the garden centre we went for lunch and then onto find some low energy scenery, which I decided was the best possible option, for a exhausted persons, low energy birthday activity.

So we went to  a nearby park and nature reserve, I've not been here for many years, but it was looking stunning yesterday in the Spring sunshine. All the rain over the last year has done wonders for this place as the last time I visited many years ago, we were in drought and the lakes and ponds were all dried up.

This more formal part of the park is based on Victorian garden designs, I love the little bridges they look almost oriental. If you look very closely you can see me there on the bridge, I fit right in with the Victorian feel of the place with my parasol. This is not a fashion statement mind but a necessity for me on a sunny day, as one of the treatments that I'm receiving makes be very allergic to sunlight. This is something that makes my life very difficult and some time I despair as I'd love to be able to sit in the sun, but hopefully one day it will all pay off and my health will improve.

This is the stunning view of the Lilly ponds from the bridge

and this the river Dour meandering away, the over side of the bridge.

There are matching bridges each end of the Lilly pond which must look stunning in Summer when the water lilies are out, but all this formal landscaping is all very well and good but I much prefer the wilder nature reserve end of the park, come lets go have a look.

My sister pushed me and my wheelchair along this little path passed the children's play area passed the little bunnies hoping about over a little wear bridge and we arrived here...........

To be greeted by this view of the lake at the end of the path  it made my heart Skipperdy Happy, so beautiful in the late afternoon light. Do you want to see a few more photos ?

I think this one is my favourite, although it looks such a wintry view, not like the end of April at all. I guess that's the kind of year we''ve been having, and if it weren't for all that rain, the lake wouldn't look half as lovely.  I would have loved to have escaped further into all this wonderful countryside, but the path had run out and the ground was far to soggy for the wheelchair so it was off home for a cuppa a rest and some birthday cake. Oh but how wonderful it all was, it would be lovely to go along on a another day with my paints and brushes.

I was very lucky and received some wonderful home made crafty gifts this year, so I thought I'd share them with you.

The lovely and very talented Lindy Laine, made me this lovely little box of birthday treats, and I mean she even made the box! how clever is that, Lindy has a wonderful blog that you can find here, inside the pretty pink box among other things was this

One of Lindy's fab wrist pin cushions, you can read about them here and yes she even made me a Birdie one.

Also in the box wrapped in tissue paper was this beautiful,original Lindy Laine designs Bluebell bracelet isn't it stunning, so in a way I did get my Birthday Bluebells so a huge thank you To Lindy for these wonderful gifts.

I also received another home made gift, from a very good friend, it's a fabric birdie but if you look inside it's...

a crochet hook holder and work bag, I really do have some talented friends. I've  been really very fortunate this birthday and received some wonderful gifts.

just look at all these new craft materials.

and not to forget these glorious flowers that I received as a gift, yellow roses and Iris my favourites. So a big thank you to everyone, for all the wonderful Birthday gifts

Happy Crafting

Clare xxxx


  1. I'm so glad you had such a lovely day yesterday and that you got lots of Birthday goodies - those flowers are absolutely beautiful! :) xxx

  2. I am so pleased you got out and about on your birthday and it looks like you had a lovely time.

    I love the little bluebell bracelet.

    1. Thanks Sara, it was good to get out, just need a couple of days in bed to recover now, but worth it I think. xx

  3. Lovely pictures. So glad the sun shone for you :)

    1. Thanks Rachel, I'm paying the price for the sunshine but hopefully my skin will settle back down in a couple of days, I think it was worth it though, photo's look so much better with a vibrant blue sky. xx