Friday, 19 April 2013

April's :: Pick and Mix

Hello..... It's pick and mix time here at the Summerhouse again, just a post of all April's little bits and pieces of summerhouse life.

The view from the window.


I took this picture of the windmill earlier today, it's April view from the window shot. Today was a really sunning one here at the Summerhouse although it was blowing a gale, so much so I thought we might lose the washing off the line earlier, but the good thing about a windy days is that I get to see the windmill working. Oh yes, the sails were turning, much to my hearts delight, when I took this picture.

The weather has improved so much over the last couple of weeks really warming up, but the fields still look so far behind, usually by now the oil seed rape is in flower with it vibrant yellow. But maybe fingers crossed it's not the crop they planted this year, I can only hope as it does give me the most terrible hay fever. Guess you'll have to wait till next months 'view from the window' to know for sure.

Sweet peas

 Sweet peas are one of my favourites, so I always grow some every year, in fact this year they are the only seeds/peas I have planted. I just love the colours and well everything about them. This year I'm not even growing my usual tomato's plants after two poor summers I've given up, it all takes up to much energy for little reward, for the last two years I've only been able to start picking them, well into the Autumn, ripe Tomatoes in November, bonkers. I suppose this year we'll probably have a great summer, as I've decided not to plant any tomatoes courgettes or aubergines.

 Any road back to the sweet peas, about a week ago I planted this little lot. I chit the peas and then soaked them in water for about 30 minutes, before planting them. It doesn't say to do this on the packet but it's what my Dad and Grandad always used to do, so now I do it too.

It must work though as exactly one week later the first little seedlings popped there heads up above the soil. I really am a bit late in planting them, but it's been so cold this year, there seemed little point in planting when it was snowing.  I can't wait to see them flower.


It was craft club again this week and I handed in my Teeny Tiny Whale  and I spent a lovely couple of hours chatting and sewing. One of the great things about craft club being held in the local library is all crafting books.  I'm ashamed to say that I think my library card is in fact still a teen card, well I guess when you spend a lot of time housebound, you don't take out many library book. I saw this book however and borrowed it on the clubs card, I can't wait to have a look through, at all the things to make.  The only problem being that I already have such a long list of future makes.

Colouring Creations.

Over the weekend I managed to do two drawing to contribute towards a colouring book project being run by a creative group I'm a member of. It was actually lots of fun doing these drawing. I do love a good colouring book, they are a great low energy way of being creative. When I've been very ill in bed in relapse to ill with no energy for crafting, I have a fab colouring and doodling book that I can escape to for a while with my colouring pens.

So I was really happy to be able to contribute to this project, even if I'm not the best at drawing.

Out in the garden.

When I was out in the garden the other day, I took a few pics of all the flowers that are blooming, just a little bit of warm weather and the garden has really come to life,  the Peach blossom has just started to flower

and these lovely hyacinth, I love bulbs so much, coming a up year after year, low energy gardening at it's best.

Just look at this wonderful daffodil that is flowering in the summerhouse border.

and of course the pretty pale blue wisley's another one of my favourites, even the forget me nots are starting to flower, but were too tiny at the moment to get a good shot with the camera. Well worth using up some precious energy on a trip out to the garden to see them all.

Summerhouse songs.

I'm a bit nervous about this next bit, but I've been encourage to share this clip by some wonderful friends. I think I mentioned way back when I started this blog that I love folk and Americana music, and write my own material and play the guitar and mandolin badly. The following clip is of one my songs called 'The Sailors Bride' copyright Clare Banks 2010. This clip was recorded as a entry to a song writing competition last year and I have performed it several time at a local folk club. I hope you like it, please leave a comment if you do.

I really love going to my local folk club, but I am rarely well enough to go to the weekly session. In fact I've not managed to make it to one yet this year and only managed to go a few times last year.  Another thing that this illness has taken from me, if I were well enough over Easter I would have loved to have attended the 'Sore fingers' music camp. Maybe one year I'll make it there.

Well that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed Aprils pick and mix

Clare x


  1. So glad you posted the video! The song is lovely as is your voice - you're very talented. Wow!
    Also, love the photo of your view. x

  2. Aww thank you I was really nervous about posting it. I love my view of the Windmill. xxx

  3. Clare you have such a beautiful voice and I really like your song. And there is nothing wrong with your guitar playing. Thanks for sharing the clip.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Sara. xxxx