Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Blog Candy : Thank you.

Blog Candy Giveaway time !


It's giveaway time here at the Summerhouse by the Sea. I decided to do a Blog Candy give away to celebrate my little blog reaching 1000 views. I can hardly believe that in just two months so many of you have been popping by the Summerhouse for a visits. 

So I've put together three little bags of candy, to say a big big thank you, to you lovely lot.

So this is how it's going to work.

  • There will be three Little pink bags of Candy Goodness to give away.
  • I'm going to send the first little bag, to the first reader who leave a comment on this post.
  •  The other two bags will go to names, randomly drawn from the comments left over the next week.
  • Closing date is Thursday the 18th April 2013
  •  Please make sure you leave a way for me to contact you either by email or a blog link to a email address.
You don't have to say anything specific in your comment, just say hello, it'll be nice for me to find out a little bit about who's been stopping by and reading my rambling. I really love getting comments on my blog and I know I have a few regular readers.  So this is your chance to say hello and maybe win a candy treat.  If you want to and only if you want to you can share my blog link on you're facebook page or Twitter.

So what to expect from the candy bags, they are just a 'little something' to say thank you, things I've put together over the last few of weeks which will hopefully brighten the winner's day. Each bag has five things in it. No 'sponsored blog candy' here at the Summerhouse by the Sea! this, like my blog is  more of a homespun thing.

  • Something yummy
  • Two things handmade by me
  • Something Pampering
  • And something 'oh so cute' but useful.
 Do you fancy a Sneaky Peak at one of the handmade items.  As you know recently I been making lots of crocheted flowers for my Spring time wreath and I thought they would make sweet little brooches for my giveaway, so I've blinged  my flowers up a bit with beads and crystals.

So good luck everyone,  all you have to do is leave your comment at the end of this post, you have until Thursday 18th April 2013. Winners will be revealed in my next post after that.

Wishing you lots of luck

Clare xxxxxx

Updated 00.06am Friday 19th April, the giveaway is now closed a big thank you to everyone who left a comment and took part. I'll be revealing the lucky winners in a post in the next day or so. xxxxxxx


  1. Exciting! Giveaways :D

  2. Ooh Rachel sounds like you have a prize! It's the other Clare B from CC here *waves* hope this comment works I'm no good at commenting on blogs!

  3. Ooh congratulations on getting 1000 views, I'll tweet a link to your blog and see if we can get you a few more :-) Shannan from CC.

  4. Those flowers are so pretty, especially the top one! 1000 views is awesome :)

  5. Congratulations on 1000 views! Love the idea of a giveaway

  6. Clare

    I am so pleased you have reached 1000 views. I discovered your blog recently through Attic 24 and I love all the beautiful things you make.

    Here is to another 1000 views!

    Happy crafting

  7. Well Done Clare! How exciting to have a giveaway :)

  8. Hi Clare, the giveaway sounds lovely :-)
    I'm not surprised you're getting lots of views, your blog is lovely, you're putting me to shame as I just don't seem to get around enough to posting on my little blog!
    Loving the crochet flowers...
    Jess x