Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Upcycled Storage Pot

Hello.... today's post is going to be  a 'here's one I made earlier' kinda thing. I made this storage pot last year, but I thought I'd share it with you as I've not been well enough for any crafty over the last few days and it's a quick, easy and thrifty make.

So this is how I went about making my storage pot, the first thing I did was line a tin can with some pretty paper, which I cut to size and stuck to the inside of the tin with double sided tape. I then needed to pad the can a little, so being green and thrifty. I found some foam sheeting, you the stuff that electrical goods comes wrapped in, (nothing that might come in handy is ever thrown away here at the summerhouse.) I measured the required length by rolling the tin along the form marking then cutting, then I stuck it to the outside of the can with the double sided tape. You could also used wadding to do this or iron on interfacing attached to the fabric.

I then used some of this lovely fabric to cover the tin, I bought this fabric square when I saw it in the local craft shop as I loved the blue colour so much I couldn't resist, it just jumped into my basket.

I measured the fabric then cut it to size and carefully attached it to the tin, with more double sided tape, I had to be careful doing this though as the fabric had a tendency to wrinkle.  You could  also used adhesive spray to do this, but it's a bit toxic for me. When that was done I used sticky satin ribbon in pinks and whites to cover the raw seams at the top and bottom of the can and down the seam at the back where the fabric joined. Then I stuck a oh so cute button on the front for decoration.

And Ta-Dah my super cute fabric covered pot was finished.

Materials used

Tin Can
Foaming sheeting
Double sided tape
Pretty paper 
Sticky Ribbons

Here it is today still in use, holding some art materials on my bedside table.

Happy Crafty

Clare xxx


  1. I would never have guessed there was a tin under there without the photos - very pretty :) xx

    1. Aww thanks it is very girly, but you could used any fabric you wanted, us crafters can never have enough storage. xx