Sunday, 7 April 2013

Belated Easter Egginess

Hello all, yesterday at the Summerhouse we had a belated visit from the Easter Bunny and his Llama friend more ''here' . It was time for our annual Easter Egg hunt, which was originally going to take place last Saturday, but the weather had other plans, in the form snow flakes and freezing temperatures so we decided to stretch Easter a bit, just a little bit!

So early yesterday morning before the guests arrived the Easter bunny was out and about hiding egg and treats amongst the Spring flowers.

In the flower pots where the crocus are, in all the flower beds, on the fruit trees in fact all around the garden and even on the Summerhouse.

A trail of colourful eggs and foiled wrapped Easter treats were left.  The Easter bunny was long gone by the time the guests arrived though !!

 They all lined up with great excitement in the kitchen, there was lots of huffing and puffing about coats needing to be put on and wayward shoes found, but eventually it was time to let them loose, to seek out the Easter loot.

So off they raced with much noise, shouting and laughter, zooming about, tracking down the treatie treasure, with some helpful hints from the grown ups. As is always the way I made a list of how many items had been hidden in the garden, this year they were hunting for 45 and after several counts and recounts they had found 44!! always the same with the Summerhouse Easter Egg hunt one piece missing.

This year it was a little Easter chocolate coin that alluded us. With the Mini's saying we'll have to find it, and me saying after much looking by all, perhaps we'll leave it for the fairies to find or Merli as he loves a bit of chocolate.  Then it was time for lunch which is usually a picnic in the garden but it was way to cold for that this year. brrrrr.

For dessert there was shortbread stars and Easter cakes and Some Easter Tiffin had been made. This was a 'very naughty' Tiffin as instead of the usual fruit and nuts, this one had mini marsh mallows and fudge pieces as a alternative to the nuts (as one of the guests has a nut allergy ) and some dried cranberries, which are one of my favourites. I normally add them to my morning cereal with some flaked almonds, so yummy. I was just excited that I could use my lovely butterfly cake stand. Simple pleasures.

So all in, I think a good time was had by all at this belated Easter Eggstravaganza!!  even the sun came out, it was nice to see the Spring flowers in the Sunshine for a change and lovely to see that the flowering currant is in bloom again.

As for me it was a afternoon in bed recovering from all the fun, today and tomorrow will be the same. Where do they get all there energy from ? I sure would like some if there is any going spare.!!

Hope you had a great weekend
Clare x

I'm still slowly making the handmade items for my blog candy,  I still plan to do a giveaway this coming weeks. So I'll keep you posted. xxxx

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