Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Craft round up and blog stuff

Hello, well it's craft round up time again, March has just flown by here at the Summerhouse. It's been quite a hectic month for various reasons, that I won't go into. So I was truly delighted to be able to complete my 'Spring time project' in time for Easter.  So here they are, my 'March Makes' I think it's good to look back like this and see that even with just my ten minutes a day of paced allowed crafting time, I can since achieve something.


Blossom Mother's day card

Craft club make, new baby card

Easter card


Cherry and Apple blossoms



Attic 24 Daffodils

Spring time wreath 

And here are some I made earlier but blogged about in March

Moss stitch cushion

The Easter Llama

 Rico can can cushion

Blog Candy

When I started this blog at the beginning of February I had no idea that in just a couple of months I would have reach the 1000 view mark !!!! so a huge thank you to everyone who's been stopping by the Summerhouse. I always planned to do a give away when I reach 1000 views so,this week, I've been making some home made items to add to my blog candy. I'm running a little behind, as always.  So I'm planning on doing a give away post next week, they'll be more details then, so please stop by as you might win a blog candy treat.

Thank you again

Clare x


  1. Your wreath is gorgeous, it looks so much more serene than mine! I keep looking at mine (it is still hanging) and thinking whooooooaaaaaa, it is quite crazy!!!
    Yours is a beauty xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Lucy, I love your colourful creation, mines still hanging up too, I think I'm going to keep it there until May day after all that work it seems a shame to take it down, especially as the Spring flowers are only just starting outside, what with it being sooo cold this Spring. xxxxxxxx