Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hope Springs

Hasn't the weather here in the UK been glorious over the pasted few days, it's leads me to hope a little, seeing all the trees in the garden springing into life and what am I hoping and wishing about, well believe it or not Bluebells.

It's been so cold and everything seems to be so far behind, but there is a little glimmer hope and possibility with this weeks warmer temperatures that I might get my wish, just maybe, might be. Just look at my old, I mean vintage Summerhouse bathed in dappled, sunlight with so much hope of Spring time.

Just seeing that our lovely horse chestnut has gone from being in bud to leaf burst in just a few days gives me hope. I took this picture on Sunday afternoon, when I was having a sit out in the garden, and today, I took this photo.

In just three days we now have tiny baby leaves opening up.  So let me tell you a little bit more about my wish.  Way back in January when I was really struggling health wise, I decided that for my birthday this year I wanted to go on a adventure to a Bluebell wood. Not just any wood as that would be impossible for me but a Wheelchair accessible wood.  So some on line research was done and a suitable bluebell wood found.

Job done we thought, plan in place, but mother nature had other plans, in sending us one of the coldest winter in the UK for so many years, meaning that all the plants are so far behind. My birthday is at the end of the week and so far, there are no bluebells out, white woodland anemones  yes!! which I'm sure are beautiful but no Bluebells.

I've been wishing and hoping so hard that I've even been drinking all my cups of tea from my lovely hand painted  Bluebell mug, sending out positive vibes to the universe.  Of course I realise that, all this hoping and wishing might not work.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my birthdays go famously wrong, but hopefully I've had my bad luck for this year, (nobody mention the cannelloni ).

There are so many positive signs out in the garden. Even the Cherry blossoms is out and I'm sure you've  notice how gorgeous the flowering currant, looks in the picture earlier in this post.

So please join in with me thinking positive thought for Bluebells and I might just get my wish.

 In other outside news with P's help, over several days, we've managed to sow these seeds in the wildlife strip at the bottom of the garden, wildflowers, meadow and field flower seed mixes I really hope they grown, as the bottom border of our garden is a tricky spot, so I'm hoping they will grow, in fact I can't wait to see them.

Before I go here's a quick sneaky peak at what I've been working on for the last few days, yes I know it all looks very much like a Christmas make, but rest assured it's not, quite the opposite in fact, think summertime !!!! and you'll be on the right tracks.

Any road I best be off.

Happy Hoping

Clare x


  1. I love that you used photos to put in your blog. the well known saying a picture paints a thousand words certainly applies here.
    I hope you get to have an unbirthday trundle( like me) in the Bluebell woods soon. I go to Trossley Country Park in Kent for a glorious display of them. It was also where my beloved Deepha-Dog took her last country walk, though we did not know it at the time, thankfully I have a photo of her. April 2007.

    1. Thanks Shirley, I hope you have a lovely trundle in the woods when the bluebells are out. Would you recommend Trossley Park? is it very hilly, as my scooters not very good on hills and if I take the wheelchair instead I don't think the person pushing will appreciate hills? I'm sorry to here about your dog, but at least you have photo's and memoires of that lovely day out with her and the bluebells xxxx

  2. I'm intrigued by your new project and I really hope you get to see your bluebells xxx

    1. I think at the speed I'm going it's probably going to take me about a week to complete, my non Christmas project, then I'll do a Ta-Dah style reveal. xx

  3. I love bluebells and remember they used to carpet the woods we played in when I was a child. I used to pick some to take home for my Mum - not sure if it is illegal to pick them now!

    Looking forward to seeing your new project too.

    1. They are just stunning, Sara I think your right about it being illegalt to pick them or dig up from the wild, it certainly rings a bell. I think we'll be goind in a couple weeks to see them, as according to the woods website they are still not out, something to look forward to though. xxxx