Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Friends, music and a happy unchristmas

Reasons to be cheerful

Hello, I hope you all had a good weekend. I certainly did, so while I'm stuck in bed recovering over the next few days I thought I'd gradually write a post to tell you all about it. I had such a lovely weekend filled with, music, fun and friends.

Simple pleasures really sitting around the kitchen table with friends, we chatted, laughed, enjoyed good food, played music and sang songs and had a very belated Christmas get together, while the children played and ran around. The makings for a perfect weekend  with so many reason to be cheerful.

Reason one: Good food

 My friend who was hosting prepared some wonderful meals, over the weekend cooking for seven I suspect is not an easy tasks.  Especially as she was kind enough to prepare something different and tummy friendly for me. living with food intolerance's and allergies can be tricky when away from home, so I was very grateful, and touched by her thoughtfulness.  Over the weekend yummy home made cakes, were enjoyed with a nice cup of tea while we chatted, we had a lovely Lemon Drizzle cake, made by my friend who drove us down to Brighton. With some help from my mum I managed to make the above Choc Chip Star cakes, baking one day then decorating the next, and the good thing about them is they are completely dairy free. Please leave a comment if you want me to share the recipe in another post.

Reason two : Gifts

Not the best photo, but it will have to do. For various reasons this weekend was a very belated Christmas get together, we tried to meet up in January, but the weather had other idea's about that and a lot of snow forced us to cancel, but in a way it's nice to get belated gifts as you have time to appreciate them more away from the frenzied present opening of Christmas day. The children pulled some left over crackers and there was much excitement, and they ate a very unchristmas dinner of spaghetti bolagnese. Do you want to see the presents I got.

I was very lucky, I was given this lovely vintage style bracelet from Acccessorize, (I love Monsoon and accessorize stuff so much.) and I also got this pretty tin bird, which is hanging happily on my blossom lights. As you know from my previous posts I do love all things birdie   'here'

Reason three: A trip to the park

By the afternoon, after the excitement of presents the mini's were starting to suffer from a touch of cabin fever, so a trip to the local park was decided upon. We all bundled up as it was freezing outside, snow had been slowly falling all day on and off.  It was the second outing for my new wheelchair, I took this photo of 'The Pepper Pot' on the way to the park, which was a bit of a tricky journey.

Like many other towns and City in the UK the drop kerbs for wheelchair access never seem to match, so you cross a road at a low kerb only to get to the other side where none is to be found. I really don't understand what the town planners or whoever make these decision are thinking. You don't realise how much of a problem this is until you are stuck in  a wheelchair, even with a buggy or pram which is light enough to bump up the kerb, it's seems crazy. Rant over.

 After the mini's had blown off some steam and the grown ups needed defrosting it was time  for home. This part of Brighton is not very flat so my friends had quite a workout pushing the wheelchair back up the hill. Then it was time for another cuppa and a rest for me. I took the photo at the top of the page from the park.

Reason four: Live music

One of the reasons we planned our trip for last weekend was because my friend's band had there first gig of the year.. The wonderful 'Hatful of Rain'  what a talented bunch they are. They released there first album 'Way Up On The Hill' last year. On the Union Record Store label to great reviews. They are a Bluegrass/Old Time influenced band who play mostly there own original music which is a blend of Folk/ Roots and some traditional stuff too. Recently they have been up to London to record a session for Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 which is due to be aired on the 23/24 March, so that's definitely worth checking out, it's on late at night so the iplayer is probably you're best bet, that's how I'm going to be listening. I guess you could say they are Americana with a distinctive British folk twist.

Any road they played up a storm on Saturday night, it's so wonderful to be able to go and listen to great live music.  It was a rare night out for me.  They were supported by 'Solid Gone' who also delighted the crowd with some great pickin. There rendition of  'East Virginia Blues' was my favourite song on there set list. Such wonderful playing.

Reason five: Crafting with the mini's


I even managed to fit in a bit of early morning crafting with my friends little girl, we went to work with some colouring pens and a star punch and made these tiny colourful stars.

Well I best be off, I'll leave you with this video of 'Hatful of Rain' album title track 'Way up on the Hill' which Bob Harris described it as 'Hauntingly Beautiful .... I Love it'

Happy listening
Clare x

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