Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Story of the Summerhouse

The Summerhouse has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Originally it stood in my Grandparents garden. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of visits where, card games were played, stories told, while tea was drank with my Grandad's lovely homemade cakes and biscuits.  One of my favourite pass times on these visits was looking through Grandma's wonderful old photo albums.  On the way down the path to the Summerhouse my Sister and I would stop at the small stone faery house to see if the faeries  had left any gifts or treats, so magical.  Although I now suspect the gifts and treats were provided by my Grandparents, ssh don't tell anyone!!


The time came when Grandad needed a purpose built ground floor annexe, to be situated on the site of the Summerhouse. He said 'if nobody wanted the summerhouse he would have to get rid of it', nightmare scenes of bonfires flashed before my eyes !!!!!!!

So Dad and I hatched a rescue plan, hired a van,dismantled the summerhouse and moved it the few miles down the road to our back garden. Where friends and relatives gathered to reassemble 'the shed' as we affectionately call the summerhouse around these parts and there it has stood on what was our old veggie patch for the last sixteen years.

So the Summerhouse is about 40 years old, a grand old lady and in some ways looking her age.  Sometimes I covet the look of the new shiny modern summerhouse's, that come in so many wonderful colours and hues.  But my summerhouse is old vintage and has stood the test of time and if we decided to have her painted a lovely pastel seaside shade, I'm sure the four decades of red cedar wood stain would just seep through.

I love my summerhouse and I don't care if she's a bit vintage old and shabby, she part of the family.  I'm going to stop talking about sheds now before I bore everyone senseless.

Just before I go I just wanted to congratulate all the winners at the BBC Radio 2 Folk awards. Which I have been watching this morning on the BBC under the red button.

Have a great day

Clare x


  1. Its great that your summerhouse has so much history :)

    1. Thanks Lindy, it seems it was built to last :0)