Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Summerhouse knit pickin

Morning all, look how stunning the mini iris are today, I couldn't  resist tasking a pic to share with you all.

The summerhouse, like me, is just starting to wake for it's winter hibernation, over the last week or so I've been setting up the craft table again. As it was all packed away at Christmas when we had guests to stay. All the supplies packed  into bags and boxes just waiting to be let loose again.

I loved opening up the boxes and looking through all the supplies as I set up the table as it sparked so many ideas of thing to make. Just look how tidy it all is too,  well for now!!!

The summerhouse has many uses as you know it's where my crafting table is.  In the warmer months of the year it's a place to retreat and rest, we also use it as a guest room, in fact we have to regular guests to stay each Christmas. Sadly sometimes it's used for storage, although I do try to deter P from this. The pic is of  my cat Merli having a snooze on 'the shed's' futon, it's great having somewhere in the summerhouse to rest.

One of my favourite uses for the summerhouse is as a place for friends to gather to make music.  Then the summerhouse is filled with chatter, laughter, music and wine for thoses who are able to drink it.

Then the sounds of singing, mandolin, guitar and fiddle are heard drifting from 'the shed' as newly written songs are exchanged for review and old favourites played and sung along to (sometime even in three part harmony!) and one day soon perhaps the sound of  scruggs style banjo might be heard, if a certain member of the 'Summerhouse Jam Collective' can be persuaded to bring her's along.

This clip was recorded in the summerhouse a few years ago before my major relapse with Chloe Overton on mandolin and me on guitar, I'm not sure of the name of this tune, but think is called Liza Jane.  If that's not right and anyone knows it's name please leave a comment. I hope it plays ok, as I had a bit of a struggle to upload it.  It was recorded during one of the summerhouse get together.  If you would like to hear more of Chloe's wonderful music, she is in a great UK based Americana/Roots band called 'Hatful of Rain', you can check them out on you tube or on there facebook page or here

So since Christmas my crafting has been from the house either from the sofa or my comfy bed, knitting has been happening you already know about the leaf cushion and I've been doing some crochet too,  I'm in midst of a spring time project, it's going to be a spring time wreath of crocheted and knitted flowers with maybe some butterflies ribbons and felt too but more info on that another day. As you can see Merli likes to supervise the yarn, there are also some of the flowers I've been making for the Spring time project in this shot !

So over the weekend I started the knitting part of the project, as I realised that the spring Equinox is not far off now and I was hoping to have it completed by then or Easter at the latest, so I guess I better get a move on with both the knitting and crochet as it will take me a while pacing everything, crafting with a chronic illness can be a right pain.

Happy Crafting
Clare x

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