Friday, 1 March 2013

Spring Time Project :: Crocheted Flowers

Way back at the beginning of January I decided I was going to attempt to make a wreath to celebrate Spring time. Back then in the cold dark days of mid winter, Spring seem so very far away.

The original inspiration for this project came from a creative group I'm a member of on Facebook. One of the member's posted a wonderful knitted floral wreath last year which I adored and I desperately want to make one of my own.

 So at the end of last year I did a bit of online research, well that's to say I goggled 'pictures of knitted and crochet flower wreaths' and was amazed at how many wonderful creations came up, a yarny feast for the eyes. There are so many talented people crafting out there. I couldn't stop myself any longer I knew I had to try and make one of my very own.

 So I started making some flowers, this was my very first a attempt, but hey you've gotta start somewhere, so stick with me as I'm hopefully getting better as I learn.

I'm very new to crocheting, so I'm not sure how successful this whole flower wreath project is going to be, but I'm going to give it a go.

Until now the only other crocheting  I've done is to make some snowflake decorations as Christmas gifts and some granny squares for a very ongoing project to make a blanket,  I'm two years in and only have about twenty square's made, (more on that another day). I'm such a fickle crafter so easily distracted by other things to make.

So I started looking for some flower pattern ideas, the above purple flower and the Rose (below) came from a wonderful book called 'Cute and Easy crochet' by Nicki Trench, which has some great makes in it. The granny blanket that I am currently procrastinating over comes from this book.  I also have my eye on it's 'Ripple cushion' pattern as a future make. So many things to make so little energy.

A friend also lent me a book called '100 flowers to knit and crochet' by Lesley Stanfield who as it turns out is local author from Kent. It's full of yarny eye candy, with some amazing flowers to make.

There are also some wonderful tutorials here at Attic 24 Lucy has created some beautiful makes in this fabulous blog, it's such a cosy, colourful world of colour, you can escape in  there for hours. I love it so much that I've starting reading the archive from the very beginning. Above are some of the flowers I've made using Lucy's easy to follow patterns. There are also many great tutorial on You Tube and as I mentioned the other day I've also recently bought some magazines with flowers to make in them. 

I've also developed my first ever crochet pattern for the wreath, it's for a anemone which is one my favourite flowers. I think they've turn out OK ?

My original plan was to have my wreath made in time to celebrate the Spring Equinox on the 20th March, although I'm now starting to realise I still have a awful lot to get done by then, so I have a back up date of Easter which is the 31st March this year eek. I really must get on with some more crochet.

A lot of the yarn I've been using is from my stash although I have ordered some new spring time shade to mix in.  The new yarn is Double Knit Special by Stylecrafts, which is a great value yarn.  I'm sure I'll have plenty left once my flowers are made, so maybe I'll make some bunting for the Summer house or have a go at making the ripple cushion that keeps calling to me.

Happy St David's day to all who are celebrating
Clare x


  1. You've made some beautiful flowers, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished wreath :)

  2. Thanks I'm not sure how the wreath will turn out yet, but if it goes wrong, I was quite pleased with how jolly they all looked sat in the bowl, so that could be a back up plan ;0)

  3. Lovely! I really like making things from Lucy's patterns, they're so clear. I've started making hearts to hang up around the place, it's nice to have small things that can be made in a few minutes that look impressive!

  4. Thanks, I find Lucy's patterns so easy to follow too, the hearts your making sound great, just check out you're blog, love the yarn bombing hearts :0)