Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Retail Therapy crafty style

On Monday my sister took me on a wheelchair adventure, to get some new craft supplies, off we went with my new shiny wheelchair in the car. My old chair was replaced at the end of last year as it was basically falling apart with old age. So I now have a sleek shiny black wheelchair, replacing my old red one. Although I still haven't figured out why the new one has a seat belt!! We went a few miles up the road to two craft superstores which is quite a big day out for me.

I was like a kid in a candy store, so many wonderful things to look at and buy, buttons, ribbons, beads and thread we found to be hopping into my basket.  I have a bit of a thing for ribbons and buttons, although I only bought items for projects I already have planned. So you'll be seeing them put to good use in the near future. Although I do have to confess to being the proud owner of  a small ribbon collection.

I probably bought a few more bits than I actually intended to, but I did have a 25% discount voucher, so I was saving money really!! and it'll all come in very useful.

Who could resist these pretty paper flowers, I had a box of them last year and made so many card, so I just had to get some more. The butterflies I'm hoping might come in handy with the Spring time wreath I'm making, I have already crocheted a butterfly and I'm hoping to make some more, so these are a back up really, just in case I run out of time.

As well as some pretty buttons I also bought some card making supplies, a couple of glitter glues and some pearlised gems in blue and cream, which I think will be easier to use than the pearl beads I had been using on my cards here 

I also treated myself to a couple of magazines as they both had articles about making flowers, which is very  handy for the spring time project. I love 'Mollie Makes' and buy one every now and then, but I've never come across this 'making' magazine before, so I think it must be quite new. I think I'll lose myself amongst the wonderful pages tomorrow afternoon, when I'm in bed recovering after my physiotherapy. 

I didn't only buy crafting supplies, I also bought these beautiful Polyanthus, to brighten up the window boxes on the Summerhouse, aren't they cheery, such vibrant colours of spring time.

I won't be posting for a few days as I'm going away to stay with friends at the weekend. So it'll be a couple of bed rest day for me before to try and summon up some energy for the weekend and then a few days in bed when I get back.  I started to put some things in a bag today, so it's done and I can just rest, for some reason Merli seems to think he coming too.

Have a happy weekend
Clare x 

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