Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Signs of Spring in the garden.

Just a quick post today as I'm very tired and should be having a pacing rest, but I was so happy to see the first signs of  Spring in the garden, that I thought I would share them with you.

Everything in the garden seems a bit behind this year, which is probably due to the awful wet weather we've had over the last few months.

So when I spotted these mini Iris flowering on the way to the Summerhouse it cheered my heart and gave me hope that Spring time is just around the corner.  The Summerhouse however is not looking so heart cheering at the moment,  in fact it's looking a bit sorry for itself and is in need of a good sort out.   All the crafting supplies and other breakables are still packed away from when we had guests to stay over Christmas, more on that another time, just don't think about the mess Clare. Back to the lovely purple mini Iris. Now that's much better, well they are one of my favourites.

They are doing so well flowering in the garden, as even the bulbs I planted in the warmth of  house after Christmas are no where near flowering yet.

That's all for today folks, hopefully next time I'll being posting about my latest knitting project, I just need to take some photo's when I'm feeling well enough.

Clare x

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