Saturday, 2 February 2013

All things Birdie

little yellow folk birdie

Here at the Summerhouse we love all things birdie, you could say there is a bit of a birdie theme going on.

Patchwork Birdie from the local garden centre

Birdie cushions

In fact the cushions were the inspiration for my Birdie cards, I've made three so far, I think I'm  becoming a bit addicted. I usually just make a card and then move onto another design, but not with the birdies.

First I made this one.

Followed by this one.

and then this one.
I really can't stop making them, I don't know where it will all end.
Birdie Card recipe.

First I made a Birdie template and cut out my bird using pink embossed flower paper from my stash. 
I then cut out a wing using pretty floral papers and used a button for the eye. (upcycled from my old PJ's)
I then attached the bird to a pale blue card.
I used one of my lovely Stabilo pens (brown) to draw the branch.
Then stuck Mulberry paper flowers on with a teeny tiny seed pearl beads stuck in the centres. I stuck them on with Diddy Dots, you've got to love a glue dot, I know I do.

The supplies I used

I hope you are all have a happy birdie weekend.
Happy Crafting  
Clare xx


  1. Love it, Clare! Looks so good with all the pictures.

  2. Hi Clare :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!! :)
    Wasn't sure who you were to start with but I recognise your fab birdie cards from CC :) they are lovely... and why stop if you're enjoying them!! :) I am actually loving the owl cushion and now want to make an owl card!! lol
    Hugs, Rachel x

    1. Aww thanks Rachel,I really enjoyed looking at your blog. I've made yet another birdie card since this post, although I think it will be my last for a while until I can stock up on more buttons for eyes. Looking forward to seeing your Owlie card.

      Clare x