Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Mosaics

Hello... well here are July Mosaics, Summer seems to be flying by and there are sign of Autumn on the Horse chestnut tree by Summerhouse, the leaves are changing in places and I noticed in the photo you can see through the tree in places too eek really must make the most of August.

With so much medical stuff going on last month my little blog was a bit neglected, but I went to my last appointment on Wednesday so hopefully things will start getting back to normal, what ever that maybe round these parts.  After all these appointment I needed a well deserved treat so we stopped off at the shops on the way back from the Hospital on Tuesday where I got a new handbag (that I can fit my blood sugar kit in)  then onto Hobbycraft where I treated myself to some crafty bits, you can never have to many too Buttons or too much yarn, so I'm told !!

I was on a bit of a new yarn ban as I have way to much already but I couldn't resist the rather gorgeous and sparkly Rico Creative Reflection, when I saw it I knew it was for me and it quickly hopped into the basket, at the time I had no idea of what to make with it but I've come up with a plan already, (more on that another time), back to July's happenings for now.

July as I mentioned was a month mostly of tests and appointments, a bit of tour de France watching while hooky up some granny squares, continuing with WIP's and starting something new too and of course a certain Merli cat celebrated his fifteenth birthday.

Out in the garden the flowers kept blooming, all that sunshine really gave them a helping hand but we really have been battling with the slugs and snails this year, who are happily munching there way through the Summerhouse border.

With everything I didn't manage any art last month either. but I did finished off this mandala from one of my colouring books, I used the elements as my colour theme for this one.

The Year in books:

July's read was Phillipa Gregory's Virgin Earth which I'm still only about half way through, I'm really enjoying it though, I'm also about half way through the above book on Diabetes, seeing as things have all gone a bit strange around here blood sugar wise, I'm still waiting on test results to see what Type of diabetes I have/had but things are getting back to normal, for a pancreas that stopped working for a few month but is now back to normal range blood sugars for the last couple of weeks, so I thought I best do a bit of reading up, so that's going to be my book for August.

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In the post this morning I had a appointment come to see the Immunologist about whats been going on lately, sadly I have to wait till the end of next May to see him on the NHS as he's so busy, good job it's nothing urgent then !!

Happy Crafting 
Clare xx


  1. Some very well deserved treats here!

    Take care, hope that you get your diagnosis re. Diabetes type soon.


  2. Some great treats I really loved the bag and I totally agree you can never have too many buttons, or yarn, or fabric....

  3. Wonderful to hear your health has improved. My Uncle has recently had a similar experience to you a diabetes diagnosis. One moment he was told he had type 1 diabetes then things seemed to improve. Your month of photo looks wonderful, I really like the flower photos and your gorgeous new bag. I'd love to hear more about the Phillippa Gregory book, she's a great author. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Ali xx

  4. Hello Clare, and happy August to you - I hope it includes better news on the health front - you could do with that couldn't you:) Nice to see you treated yourself to a pretty new bag and all your flower pics, etc. look lovely. You did a great job with colouring your mandala - such pretty colours - well done! Take good care of yourself now, xoJoy

  5. Your mosaics are beautiful, so many pretty flowers in your world. I love your new handbag and I hope you don't have to carry diabetes testing supplies in it for very long because you will have been cured of the disease. I love Phillipa Gregory and look forward to hearing more about the book. I hope you have a good week.

  6. I hope that all things medical resolve themselves soon, certainly in the diabetes department, although your new handbag is beautiful!! Keep taking care of yourself and I wish you happy crafting times! xx

  7. That bag is beautiful! May seems an extraordinary amount of time it wait, but I guess that is the NHS for you

  8. Clare, I really love your use of color...your mosaics, your mandala, your crochet projects. I am so glad that the testing is over and that your pancreas seems to be functioning better! Wishing you well, and satisfying creative activities! xx

  9. At least the tests are over - hope they manage to fit you in before May. Love the bag - lovely goodies all round!

  10. The bag is so adorable and the yarn is very pretty! Wishing you well...hopefully you can get in before May!

  11. Oh sweetie, I am so so sorry that you have been having such a horrid time of late. I do hope that things will start to look up for you soon. It looks like you are choosing some interesting reading material and seriously I could also recommend 'Fat Chance' by Robert Lustig, it is a really good book that may help a little too. I need to get around to sending you an email, apologies for being so slack. I spend very little time on the computer as I find it REALLY affects my health, so I avoid it as much as I can to be honest. I love your purchases, and that bag is gorgeous and yes I think completely well deserved! I do love your pretty flowers and your gorgeous mosaic, I think it is such a lovely idea and does look fabulous. Sending you much love and a big hug and wishes for a better August xoxo

  12. Found your blog via Small Things. What a lovely blog you have! Good for you to continue to explore creative pursuits--you are so talented! What is the name of your bag/pocketbook? It is just lovely.

    You probably already know this, but wanted to be sure. With any autoimmune issues it really does help to at least be gluten free. It will alleviate inflammation and calm the immune system. That said, gluten free is just a starting point for me as I do better eating Paleo. I'm still trying to identify the source of my health issues. I already have celiac and chronic fatigue, but there are other unidentified AI issues or underlying issues we have yet to discover. Your blog has inspired me! Thank you! Betty