Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Festival Star

Hello....... I'm home again after having a wonderful weekend at FolkEast even at I festival I found time for a little bit of crafting.  There were so many different crafts to try there, from felting to ceramics and they had a wonderful crochet tent, more on that another time but in the end I opted to make a ceramic star.  It really is amazing what you can make in a field.

There were lots of different clay shapes to choose from hearts to shells and leaves but I picked a cute little star, that I could hang on my blossom tree at home.

Please ignore my day three festival hair.

There were several glazes to choose from, giving various effects I selected one containing copper which would either give a metallic effect or a blue/green colour depending on how it reacted when fired.  I also added a different glaze to the decorative pattern on the star.

Then you'll never guess!! 

But yes, the Potter popped it into a microwave and heated it for about ten minutes until it was glowing bright orange, so hot at about 1000 degrees, bet you didn't know a microwave could do that.!!

After that it was popped into a tin containing sawdust which smoked and burnt for a while until it was covered over to cool.  While I waited in anticipation not knowing how it would turn out would it be green would it be metallic would it have all gone horribly wrong, it took about ten minutes to cool,  and then it came out of the sawdust all blacken but definitely still a star yippee

Then all that was needed was a bit of a wash off and a polish up with some wire wool

and Ta-Dah one metallic Star, 

I think it turned out well mostly copper with a little petrol like effect in places, I was one happy customer, and all for the price of £5.00, if I'd bought a premade one it would have been £3.50 so I think that's pretty good as it was so great to make my very own.

So if you go to a festival or craft fair and they are offering this craft I'd say go for it.

Here's my little Festival Star back home hanging on my blossom tree, such a great memento of a wonderful weekend and so great to have something I actually made.

More from the festival next time and my do I have some wonderful yarn bombing and music to share with you all.

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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Love the metallic copper look of your star!
    Also, who would have ever thought that a microwave could do that?!
    Lol. ;)

  2. Was it a normal run of the mill microwave or a special one? The star is a delight and will bring back memories every time you look at it.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I really like the way your star came out, what a nice memento of your time at the festival. Hope you're feeling well this week.

  4. Awww thats lovely! They would be great on the Christmas tree too wouldn't they? x

  5. It looks beautiful - and the microwave! Who would have thought!

  6. Your little star is so pretty and makes a great keepsake from your visit doesn't it!! xx

  7. Brilliant - I had no idea!! Lovely star and, I'm sure, lovely memories.

  8. Your festival star is perfect, a fun memento of your time away. Can't wait to hear about the crochet tent.

  9. It looks like you had a great time and I love the cute start you made ... The crochet tent looks like it's going to be a great one also :)

  10. NO! I did not know that a microwave could do this! I saw the process done only last week requiring an old oil barrel, a gass burner as from a hoy air balloon and insulation from a space shuttle. I got to go and tell those people that a microwave can do the trick! You live to learn. Thanks and so happy for your wonderful stay at this happy place.