Sunday, 10 August 2014

Grey and Gloomy with a chance of Crochet

 Hello.... the weather is a bit wild today here at the Summerhouse as Ex hurricane Bertha is about to blow throw our corner of the world.

So everything is starting to look decidedly grey and gloomy for a August day, with the wind starting to blow a hoolie and the rain lashing against the windows, this is not the Summers day we were hoping for.

  out in the garden the Horse chestnut is starting to get tossed about by the winds

 but at least the Japanese wind anemones are looking a bit more optimistic brightening up all that grey as they dance about.

As for the sweet peas which are only just starting to flower, well I'm a bit worried for them.

The Summer pots on top of the wall have had to be moved in fear, they will fall onto the tomato plants and fruit trees below.

but that's about all the batoning of hatches I've had the energy to do.

So I'm planning on a day of hunkering down with my crochet hook, with my Springtime throw being one project I have to get on with, even that is looking a tad dull in today's gloomy light, believe it or not that is cream yarn in the second round.

With so many yarn end to sew in I'm not really sure I can face them on a day like today. It really has to be the worst job in crochet.

No instead I think I need some sparkle in my life and to find the positives, even on a stormy day like today, I can still find a used for a sundress as backdrop to the crochet. Yes today I think it will be sparkle all the way.

Now even sparkle sometimes isn't worry free, I ordered some extra yarn for my scarf project and instead of the lovely icy greens, silvers, blues and purples.

  I got the above ball on the left, it put in a bit of a spin as the band code was right but it looked nothing like my beloved yarn, so I got into a bit of a yarny frenzy and started pulling at the ball, and you never guess what was inside? yep this rather dishevelled but correct coloured yarn on the right, who would have thought it!!

When I bought my beloved yarn, there was only one like this in the shop, and it was in amongst a whole load of the above green and pink ball.  Some how it must have got balled up differently at the factory a bit of a blessing for me as I would never have bought the other ball, so yay for happy accidents.

So after a bit of winding I had separated the colours off that I didn't need for this project into a cute little ball, this little ball of yarn has made me super smiley it just so cute, it's about the size of a Christmas bauble which has given me the idea to make so super sparklely yarn ball decoration for the tree. 

Simple pleasure it doesn't take much to make me happy, just a little ball of sparkly yarn a crochet hook and the ipod on shuffle and I'm all set.

I might not be around for a little while as I'm hopefully going away at the end of the week, fingers crossed on the weather improving as we have plans to go to The Folk East festival, and wheelchairs and mud are not a good combo, I'm really looking forward to it as my friends band are playing on the main stage, just need to find some energy from somewhere to get me through so it'll be a few bed rest days for me before and after the event.

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Clare xx


  1. Yep, this is just the kind of day for crochet! Hasn't got light all morning, lots of rain but thankfully not the wild winds we were forecast. Keep warm, and enjoy that crochet (lovely yarn by the way).


  2. That yarn is lovely! I love a nice yarn with a bit of a sparkle! I hope your weather remains good so you can get out and about. I sometimes must use a cane and it can get tricky in rain or snow. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. How is it you are getting the end of a hurricane and I live in Florida and we have not even had a storm for a few days? Love your yarn and you crochet project. I am keeping my fingers crossed you are off on a wonderful trip at the end of the week.

  4. I kind of dont blame you for going with sparkley yarn but I really love those squares too so dont leave them too long! They want to be a blanket...on my lap ;)

  5. I love that sparkly yarn, it's so pretty. Your squares are very pretty too, but I agree that sewing-in is not very fun. I hope the weather isn't too intense or destructive there. I hope you'll be able to take your trip at the end of the week, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

  6. It hasn't been too wet here today, but the wind has been pretty amazing! Very blowy indeed. I hope that you can enjoy the festival and that the weather is kind to you, as you say, mud and wheels are not the best mix are they. Your squares are looking lovely all together! xx

  7. Its terrible here too, windy and torrential rain. Love the sparkly yarn.

  8. Love the sparkly yarn. I think your sparkly flowers are beautiful! I must start crochet!

  9. Your title cracked me up!! Chance of crochet? That made me smile :)
    Your crocheted squares are so lovely, and your rain, ahhhh I love rain, I love it even more when I'm stuck in Texas in the scorching heat! I wish it would rain!
    Your flowers are beautiful,
    Much love,

  10. That sparkly yarn is so lovely. I agree, I can't make myself like sewing ends in either.
    Marianne x

  11. I love your flowers and the sparkly yarn and your flowers growing in your your are just beautiful. Good luck with the storm.

  12. That cute little ball has made me happy too! I love all of your crochet makings, so pretty.
    Ooooh I love a good windy and rainy day!
    love Jooles x x x

    P.S Thank you for your kind comment x

  13. Pretty sparkly yarn. Love how the flowers turned out very cute.