Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Storms

Hello.......... Sorry I've not been about much lately but I'm still working my way through a marathon of hospital tests, just two more to go over the next few days then thankfully and hopefully that will be it for a while  and life will be able to get back on track again.

The other day the sky was looking like this one minute then.....

this happened.

 My, did we have a thunder storm and half, sorry the photo's so blurry the camera just couldn't cope with the darkness, I've never known a thunder storm where the wind got up so strong before, blowing a right hoolie and sending a shower of leaves from the trees in through all the opened windows and doors and frightening our cat Dylan so much, he hid behind the arm chair.

While this was happening I was hooked up to a 24 hour heart rate monitor, one of the many tests. Only I would have to be wired up on one of the hottest days of the year,  really not a pleasant experience when you're allergic to sticky stuff on the pads, creating one cranky Clare who's mood was pretty stormy too.

So I didn't have the best weekend with a heart monitor followed by a CT scan of my Kidneys and to tell you the truth I'm really not looking forward to the echo cardiogram I'm having tomorrow either.

I've not really managed much crafting at all recently, but I have started something new for the next craft club exhibition.

I didn't manage much crochet as I was onto my next test, a 24 Blood Pressure monitor. Thankfully the results were fine, in fact my BP is low most of the time it turns out.

At least out in the garden the Roses are Stunning

and things are coming along nicely in the front border

Plus the first sweet pea has flower, I planted two mixes this year, Ballerina and Sea Form and I think this beauty must be from the later mix, so pretty but hard to capture the true colour with my camera.

Just before I go there is time for a Merlin Montage, yes Merli is celebrating his 15th Birthday today even though he still acts like a kitten most of the time. The top left picture was taken this evening while he was having a well earned birthday snooze.

Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. Ooo you poor thing, those sticky pads didn't agree with you at all did they?! Roses and crochet look fab though. I hope all the tests are helpful and you feel better soon!

  2. Fingers crossed the tests will prove useful for some better medication and that you feel better soon.

  3. Oh gosh you really do have to go through the hoops with those tests Clare - let's hope and pray that some benefit will come as a result of them this time. Poor little Dylan being frightened like that; Merlin looks good for fifteen doesn't he - both well loved and cared for.
    That is a beautiful rose Clare and lovely to see the sweet pea close-up - you always seem to have gorgeous blooms in your garden. Take care and I hope you feel much better soon, xoJoy

  4. My youngest daughter, a nurse, would sympathize with you, Clare. Her car was rear-ended May 9 and she has been having all sorts of tests to track down the damage she is feeling. Last week she had a CT scan and had an allergic reaction to the dye they injected into her and is still taking meds to calm the reaction down. I hope both of you get good helpful results from your tests! The storm pictures are pretty fierce, your kitty beautiful, and your flowers and crochet, lovely :) Wishing you well, xx

  5. I hope that the last tests go well, and that the results show good and useful things for your treatment, it is a lot to go through, but I do wish for you that it will all be worthwhile. xx

  6. I'm sorry you're going through so much right now with the testing. I hope all the results are good and that you're feeling well soon. I'm glad you've been able to keep crafting as you deal with it all.

  7. Oh my you have been through so much lately, that reaction on your chest looks very painful. Happy B-day to your beautiful cat.

  8. Merlin looks to be in excellent shape for 15. I love black cats having had 2 brothers a few years back, mine are all black and white now.
    Don't worry about an echo cardiogram, I've had one, no problems, hope you get will soon.