Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bank Holiday weekend

Hello......... Here in the UK last weekend was a bank holiday, so as tradition dictates it just had to rain, we were fairly lucky on Saturday as the sun did come out for a while so we took advantage of this and headed off the sand park for a picnic.

Even Mutley had some doggy picnic food to enjoy.

The park was very pretty but unfortunately my little mobility scooter ran out of charge so we couldn't really explore to far. I never did make it to the sand park bit, but my nephew 'L' went off and played there for a while

I'd love to go back there again, and explore further, the park runs right along by the sea

with lots of quiet seating dotted about, it even has it own amphi thearte.

and you can also access the beach, oh I do love being by the sea,  fortunately the rain held off long enough for our little pottle about, but as we got back in the car the heavens opened.

On the way out of town we drove up the hill and stopped off at the new WW1 memorial arch  which you can read more about 'here' .

here's one more shot of the gorgeous yarny Poppies

For we were on a mission, to buy school uniform as my nephew is off to the Grammar School, next week. We didn't have much luck finding age eleven trousers and shirts, but I did much better getting these super cute knitted slippers, just in the nick of time as it's been freezing cold ever since.

Aren't they fab, and super snuggly, I love everything about them stripes yarn, flowers and buttons

I also bought a cardigan in the most gorgeous purple colour made from a amazing yarn which has different colours through it that looks almost like ribbon.

Happy Happy !!  

Not to worry my sister had a bit more success on the uniform front the next day.

As for me Sunday was a day for hunkering down avoiding the endless drippy rain, the perfect weather for a spot of crochet, my latest make for the Craft Club exhibition.

and as for Bank holiday Monday, well just look at it !!!! welcome to Summertime

So instead I focused on my pretty new miniature Rose

which at £3.50 was cheaper than buying a bunch of Roses and hopefully this will last a lot longer.

 then there was more crochet snuggled up under the duvet, I  managed to complete this make over the weekend so more on that another day.

Even Merli gave up on his favourite summer snoozing spot by the pond and opted to keep me company, it's still raining today, come on Summer where have you gone.

Happy Crafting

Clare x


  1. What a beautiful park. I loved the slippers.

  2. You will have to go back to the park, it looked lovely. I too have felt pretty miserable cooped up inside, lots of rain....at least the flowers have been watered!

  3. In spite of the rain, you saw some lovely sights on your Bank Holiday, Clare. [I mis-spelled you name on my last comment...so sorry!] I hope you get to go back one day and explore more! Your new slippers do look pretty and warm, and the sweater color/texture is very pretty as well. Wishing you well! xx

  4. It sounds as though you have had a good weekend! It has been raining here for the last two days, typical bank holiday! xx

  5. Very nice too! I love your slippers, I guess I should go shopping for things like this soon!

  6. It looks like you had a nice picnic. I really love your slippers. I need some new ones myself.

  7. Looks like you've had a good weekend despite the rain on the Monday! I love the slippers you have bought, they are so pretty and cosy looking!x

  8. Sounds like a lovely outing, despite the lack of battery charge! Love those slippers... I need a new pair too. Happy Thursday, hope the sun is out again where you are too.

  9. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Monday was a miserable wet day typical bank holiday weather! I'm jealous of your slippers x

  10. What a beautiful park and what a shame your scooter ran out of power. I know what its like trying to find uniform at the last minute, I had to get shoes and trust me its not always that easy. I love your slippers though, where are they from! I bet they are really comfy. I suffer really badly from very cold feet with ME, so I need wool lined slippers, those are very cute! xoxo