Sunday, 24 August 2014

Road of Remembrance

Hello ......... Yesterday we went to the nearby town of Folkestone and while we were there we stopped off at the new WW1 Memorial Arch and the Road of Remembrance which has recently been unveiled by Prince Harry.

It is estimated that over 10 million troops marched down the steep road that leads to the port on there way to the front in the First World War, leading to it being renamed Remembrance Road.

 A new commemorative Arch has been built at the top of the hill the troops marched down, the arch, was built by the Charity Step Short, named after the order given to the men to take short steps to descend the steep hill, it commemorates nurses and civilians as well as soliders from many nations who would have heard the order to 'Step Short'  down the steep road then leads to the port, then called Slope Road now fitting renamed Remembrance road.

The wonderful members of 'Purl Queens' in the town and from around the world have knitted and crocheted poppies to the line the route.

So strikingly beautiful and poignant.

 In fact I think they are still happy to receive more poppies as they will be replenishing the poppies along the route until Remembrance Day in November, if anyone would like to send a Poppy, I've put a link to the Facebook page above.

Earlier in the week I went to the local Folk Club and performed a song of mine called  'Sweet Letters' as it's fitting I thought I'd share the lyrics with you here. (one day I might get around to recording some of my songs, health permitting)

A letter arrived you've been listed for to fight, 
for Crown and Country you must do what was right
You're just a ordinary man with a part to play, 
so you're leaving this factory town and going far away
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you, 
sweet letters sweet letters from you.

The Roses are red the sweet violets are so blue 
and everyday she awaits a letter from you.
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you . 
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you.

They married in a hurry and she wore her mother dress, 
because they loved each other and they thought it for the best.
 You're just a ordinary man who never thought he'd fight 
in a war in a distant land just doing what was right.
Sweet Letters, sweet letter from you
 sweet letters sweet letter from you.

For those who stayed at home it was a worry every day
now she's waiting on you're letter have you have you're part to play
she working in that factory now, helping with the fight
with just you're letters for company to keep her warm at night
Sweet letters, sweet letters from you
sweet letters,sweet letters from you.

The Roses are Red the sweet violets are so blue
and every days she awaits a letter from you
sweet letters, sweet letters from you
sweet letters, sweet letters from you.

                                                                                                                copyrite Clare Banks 2011

Here's one of the Poppies I made earlier in the year for the local libraries WW1 commemoration, I think I'm going to make some more to send over to Folkestone,  if you want to make some too, you can find the free pattern for this crocheted Poppy 'here'.

Clare xx


  1. Lovely blog entry.

  2. Amazing song Clare and such a wonderful thing to see all those poppies.

  3. Beautiful pics & a beautiful song... maybe you can record it at home & put it on your blog?

  4. Oh those lyrics are beautiful Clare! I hope you do get around to recording it!

  5. How moving. Hard to imagine ten million troops passing along that road, off to face such horror. The poppies are beautiful, how lovely that people still put such effort into remembering.

  6. This is lovely and it looks beautiful.What a lovely way to remember!

  7. This is a lovely post with all those poppies, and your song sounds beautiful!

  8. Your song is lovely, and I hope that one day you can record this. The road is a wonderful tribute and way to remember all those who served their country, and the arch will be a permanent reminder - along with the road name of course - of their service. We owe these men so very much. xx

  9. Beautiful post and lovely to see the poppies.

  10. very touching and beautiful. thankyou

  11. Lovely lyrics and post, Claire. The poppies draw ones attention to an important time that cost many people much. Wishing you well. xx

  12. What a wonderful song :-) and thanks for posting about Folkestone - we live the other side of Ashford from Folkestone, so near enough to visit for the day and take the kids to see those amazing poppies, the arch, and more importantly the memories that place holds. Thanks also for posting onto Ginny's yarn along - that's where I found you!

    1. Thanks, it's a small world I'm further round the coast in East Kent x