Monday, 17 February 2014

Three Things : 42/52

Morning.......... wasn't it nice to see a bit of sunshine yesterday, that alone cheered me up. Even with the stormy weather I've been try to find the positives and we sure have had some spectacular skies over the windmill. I'm running a bit behind so here are last weeks three things.

Number one:

My first happy thing, is this little book. Part of the New Year plan it's a five year journal that asks a question each day. So far it's been lots of fun. Being mostly housebound because of my health, every day, week and year can sometimes seen pretty much the same.  

So this seemed like a good thing to try

So the idea is that there is a question for each day, then at the end of the year you start at the front of the book again and so on, until you have five years of answered questions in one book.

As it only a sentence a day I'm hoping I can keep it going.

Number two:

Came as a bit of a saviour, as I've been following a anti inflammatory Lyme diet for the last couple of weeks. It's very strict No dairy, yeast, sugar, meat, gluten, (fun!!) so the first week was basically brown rice fish berries and certain vegetables.

So I was skippy happy when Mr Amazon delivered this lot. We were struggling to find brown rice noodle locally, then I had a light bulb moment and thought amazon, yippee I manage to get not only the Brown Rice noodle but also some organic brown rice pasta (that actually tastes like pasta) and also some dairy free pesto, happy happy it sure has made life a bit more interesting. (Even if I had to buy six packs of everything)

As for the diet, finger crossed over the last couple of days my energy have been improving.

Number three:

Yay for new yarn.  I needed some 100% wool for a project I am joining in with on my favourite facebook group  'Chronic Creatives' we have been asked if we want to decorate a tree for the Woollen Woods being run by Eden Arts in Cumbria here's the link if you'd like to have a look or even get involved.

I was skippy happy that all the Red Heart yarn was in the Deramores sale, the theme we have decided on for our tree is nature so I think this yarn will be find for making little flowers,birds and insects.

As for the British Blue Wool I just couldn't resist, I just loved the colour 'boho' so I decided to treat myself to this little 25g ball. 

Well that all of last weeks happy up to date, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave I promise I read them all, I've just been struggling to keep up to date with my replies lately, so I must try harder.

Have a Happy Week
Clare xx


  1. What a fab idea that diary is. I can certainly understand the days that drag being laid up and housebound for days/weeks at a time and it is no fun at all. Finding things to do that you are able to do can be very disheartening at times and it is important to find positive outlets :)
    So glad your diet is moving forward. I bet you can't wait to get cooking x big hugs Emma xx

  2. I am glad that your diet is starting to show some effects, it must be starting to work, which has to be a good thing. Hope that you have fun with your yarny projects, I really like the colour of the little ball of British Blue! Hope that you have a good week. xx

  3. So glad to hear the diet is beginning to help. Amazon is wonderful for the more exotic needs, isn't it? Your yarn project sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you have a good week, Clare. :)

  4. Hello lovely, snap on the diary and you are going to love it. It is a really fun way to just jot something down and I love that it is for five years. You know we all much prefer that pasta to any other, so you will be super surprised to see how yummy it is. You can also buy it direct from Tesco or Sainsbury these days. I have been eating it for well over four years now and I have to say its pretty yummy as is their spaghetti. Thinking of you on the diet front, hang in there it will be worth it. I spy some gorgeous and yummy yarn to have fun with, enjoy!! xoxo

  5. Clare, I'm wishing you all the very best with the diet - not easy but worth the huge effort I'm sure! Your yarn looks gorgeous, especially that pink, oh that pink; filling in your journal looks like such a great idea - these habits can do us a lot of good! Hugs, Joy x