Saturday, 15 February 2014

This week...

Hello...... This week here at the Summerhouse has been a bit of a hectic one with it's ups downs.

It started well as on Monday I taught a friend how to crochet

and Spring is coming along very nicely out in the garden

The weather however has not been so great, rain rain go away !!
even the fields are started to flood here and we are on high grown, the water shining silver in the sunshine

This week I've picked up my summerhouse sampler again and started work on my tree to represent winter. Doodle stitching away, just need to add some frosty sparkle to the branches and maybe some snow, instead of all this dreadful rain.

This week my lovely sister drove me on a six hour round trip, through winds rains and flooded roads to a hospital appointment to see a Immunologist.  It turned out to be a worthwhile trip, despite how exhausting it all was. As he was very knowledgeable about CFS and has recommended some new treatments that might help my ME/Lyme disease.

He said he thinks I have CFS and wants me to start on antiviral drugs and also Vitamin B12 injections among other things to see if they will help.

He has also asked me if I would take part in some research studies into ME that are being run.

The day did not however end quite so well, as we arrived home to a very stressed out 'P' as water had being pouring into the Garage and through the fuse box. It has knock out the electrics in the Garage and Summerhouse.  

So it was made safe, until thankfully my brother in law who's a electrician could come the next day and start to sort things.  Unfortunately the chest freezer and washing machine are in the garage but we managed to save the freezer full of food by him hooking up a waterproof cable from the house.

Hopefully it will all be rewired and working again at some point next week.

The cats are going a bit cranky too with all the rain,  I couldn't resist taking this picture of them acting like a couple of books ends

So for the rest of the week I've been feeling pretty unwell, so it's been lots of resting and a bit of crochet, cuddle up with the crafting assistants. I'm working on some yarn bombing makes (more on that another day)

On a more positive note there has been a bit of  gorgeous blue blue sky and I've been sticking to the anti inflammatory diet, which I think is helping some of my symptoms

and there have been Roses too, real

and crocheted.

A week of ups and downs but looking back it's not been all bad. I count ourselves very lucky so far with the weather, the troubles in the garage seems bad enough so I feel so sorry for everyone who is suffering with the flooding and storms in the UK. Another one hit last night, so lets hope there is no more major damage to this weather battered little Island of ours and the sun is shining again soon

Happy Crafting
Clare x

With everything I'm really behind with my blog reading but hope to catch up soon. xx


  1. I am sorry that you have had a week of ups and downs, but I hope that things are looking up. It sounds as though the news from the doctor was positive and heading in the right direction to at least trying some different things for you, which has to be good. So funny, when I say the picture of your cats, I thought, just like a pair of bookends, and what was the next thing you said, just like a pair of bookends!!! Great minds obviously think alike Clare!!!! Hope that you have a good weekend and that things get better next week. xx

  2. Hi there, Well you really have had a week of it and yet you have stayed positive. Teaching your friend to crochet is wonderful, I think it is a lovely gift to give someone.
    I am glad that you had a little positive news from your doctor, and your home repairs can be sorted without too much stress.
    Happy crocheting and I am sending you lots of love and well wishes. Enjoy your rest xxx

  3. Hello Clare, so sorry you have had a nasty week , but your Doctor seems to be positive.. I love the picture of your "book ends" they are so adorable, and such beautiful Spring blooms.
    Take care

  4. Sorry to read you've had a trying week Clare - do take it easy if you can and I hope things improve. This weather is getting everyone down but your garden is looking so lovely and Spring-like. Take care of you, stay safe & cosy xx

  5. You managed some good times and shared fun with a friend despite the week throwing its worst at you, so well done! Chrissie x

  6. I'm sorry you've had such a hard week. The weather really does sound awful and I hope the pattern ends soon. I'm so happy to hear you saw a good doctor and that there were some answers about your health. That's wonderful news.

  7. What a week! Let's hope this rain stops soon and spring will be here. Positive news on your illness and your roses (real and crocheted) are beautiful! Julie x

  8. It sounds like you have had a very up and down week. The rain has been horrible, although the weather has been picking up this weekend and has been rather sending lots of sunshine your way. I am loving all your different crafty projects! :)

  9. Sorry you have had some down moments in your week. Looks like you have managed to find the positives though. Your garden collage is lovely.
    Marianne x

  10. Dear Clare
    An up and down week indeed! I do like your wintry tree though and your garden photos are lovely - things are much further on where you are.
    I hope next week will have more ups and fewer downs for you
    Best wishes

  11. What an up and down week Clare, you must be exhausted. Sending you positive vibes to start off next week, Jo x

  12. Hello lovely, I was so interested to read your comment on my blog that I just had to grab a minute to read your blog. I am so pleased to read that you have seen someone who has some experience in the field. Where did you travel too? (possibly time for an email I know!). If you haven't already been supplementing with a serious B12 then it the injection is going to make a MASSIVE difference. Also the antiviral drug should really really help. I am very interested to know which one he is proposing to put you on?? Yes for trials, definitely anything and everything that can help is worth a go, right?! I am sorry to hear that you are feeling a little rough, but pleased to see that through it all you are still so positive, it warms my heart. I think of you every day and I hope that you start to feel better soon sweetie. Sending you much love xoxo

  13. I am so glad to hear your appt with the immunologist has brought you some hope for handling of your 'unwellness', and wish you well with it all! Sorry to hear of your bad weather damage and trust that things are fixed up by now - such a terrible winter over there and I feel so sorry for all of you suffering the ill effects of it! Your roses are the most brilliant colour Clare and it's so nice to see your spring blooms in the middle of all the devastation. Cute cats! Hugs, Joy x

  14. I love the sight of spring coming into your garden and what lovely yarn assistance you have.. :D