Friday, 7 February 2014

Three Things 41/52

Hello..... It's year of happy time again, I think it so important to try and find the happy at the moment, with this miserable giant raincloud the south and west of UK seems to be stuck under, I've had enough now and even Merli the cat is cranky with the weather, my heart just goes out to everyone effected by the flooding.

 Here are this weeks three things.

Number one:

After starting the great embroidery thread sort out the other week, now it 's time for the yarn.  So I've finally got around to using the yarn winder I bought a few months ago. Just lookie how cute and neat it make the formally spaghetti style straggly balls of yarn.

I find it quite hard going winding the yarn so it's taken me a week to do this lot but they are so pleasing to the eye these little yarny cakes that I'm spurred on to do the rest. Plus they are so much smaller to store. So have room for more NEW yarn. It's a win, win happy happy.

Number two:

My second happy this week is a little bit of Spring in the garden, despite all the wind and rain it's been very mild so I was skippy happy on Sunday when I spotted the mini Iris starting to flower in the garden.

Even this slightly odd variant which appears to have reversed colours. Happy Happy they are flowering before the ones in the house. As for the mini tulips in the house well......

No flowers yet but the leaves do have

Tiger stripes !!
 I'm so looking forward to seeing what colour the flower are, anyone want to hazard a guess?

Number three:

Number three this weeks is making it through day one of the 'Lyme Inflammation diet' I've started following. It's very strict for the first week just certain vegetables, Fish, Berries and Brown Rice.

This was yesterdays lunch wild salmon salad with green beans. It was yummy but Pepper and Tomatoes my how I'm missing you already plus with this gloomy weather I'm desperate for a cuppa even if it's only my usual decaff cup.

Only six more days to go until a few more foods can be reintroduced, I really hope it going to help reduce my pain levels and increase my energy, I figure it's worth a try.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Clare xx


  1. What beautiful photos, I love the yarn one. I hope your diet helps with your pain. There is nothing worse than daily pain. You are inspirational in your attitude to helping your condition xxx

  2. Pretty flowers, pretty yarn, pretty nice looking lunch! Hope this diet transformation helps! Chrissie x

  3. I hope that the diet works for you and makes a big difference. Your yarn looks so cute in the little balls, I can understand why you love them - and if it makes more room for more well, who are you to resist!! xx

  4. I had those striped tulips last year :)
    all my bulbs i planted in pots in the garden have come up, one dafodil has flowered so far! We definately need spring!!!! x

  5. Actually that lunch looks very tasty, love your yarn cakes and those beautiful flowers about to peek out.

  6. Thanks for sharing your bouquets of yarn and flowers, Clare...all so pretty. And I too hope you latest efforts will bring you healing. I am cozying up for some knitting and cups of warm liquids this afternoon while it snows some more! xx

  7. Hello my lovely friend. So lovely to see your happies and yes we most certainly need as many of them as poss. Like you I can roll my yarn into balls, I have tried, but after two turns my arms want to fall off, so well done you for persevering and getting them to look so pretty!! Loving all the pretty spring life happening at the summerhouse and here is a hip hip hooray for starting the new diet, I am sure it will make a difference, it is by far the best place to start. Hang in there my dear and when it gets tough, just think I am pretty much doing it with you. It is a no sugar, wheat or dairy diet here with only certain fruit and in limited quantities, arrrrggghhh!! We must we must improve our ...... Well our Heath!! Xxxx

    1. Hi yep me too, here right with you, I'm normally no dairy and yeast free so okish with that, this is also no gluten or sugar to other than berries so I'm right with you. I have ordered some great stuff off Amazon of all places, so have brown rice pasta and noodles and some dairy free pesto which hopefully will help. At least I get to add in a few more foods next week. The things we do to try and get well, I'm off to see a immunologist who specializes in ME next week so fingers crossed for some help, not getting my hopes up too high though xxx

  8. Gosh it's annoying when I type out a message and then it disappears when I press the publish button - which is what happened yesterday, so I will venture to send you another one Clare …..
    Your happies are all lovely and so nice to see the spring bulbs doing their thing - I think your tulips may be orange but I'll wait and see - and I really wish you well with your diet and trust that it will be most helpful on your road to recovery m'dear! And I do hope the weather becomes a bit more pleasant soon as miserable weather can be such a downer especially when your health is not good already. Healing thoughts coming your way, Joy x