Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January's Mosaics

Hello........ So I've decided this year instead of a 'Craft Round up' post at the end of each month I'm going to do a monthly mosaic, with whats been going on here at the Summerhouse. 

So here's January......

A month with lots and lots of rain here in the UK so lots of time for hunkering down. My healths been in relapse all month  and I'm still trying to shake off the cold I picked up at the beginning of December !! so I've mostly been stuck in bed but I did manage a wonderful afternoon at the local Wild animal park.  Lots of yarniness to crochet and a bit of knitting and of course I had lots of fun making my faery wand.

I've been making squares for my Spring time throw, 23 in total for the month, how I wish I sewn the ends in as I went as now I have a big pile to do. Maybe I'll try and sew them in at the end of each week from now on . So that's 23 down, out of the 432 needed for the pattern eek.

Here's how they are looking, not sure I'll have as many done by the end of this month as about 10 of them were already part made from when I first learnt to crochet a couple of years ago, I had to frog the last round and redo them as I'd got the pattern wrong as a newbie crocheter.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to try and do some art each week, so here's January efforts, hopefully I'm going to improve as the year goes on.

Here's my latest picture inspired by my trip out.  It's painted in water colour and ink.

As for reading I've started February's book and so far I'm enjoying it, it's 'Earthly Joys' by Philippa Gregory, a historical novel but there lots about gardening in the 1600's so I'm finding it really interesting.
Lining up with Chrissie Marianne and  Ginny

Well that about it for this time, I'd liked to say thank you for all the lovely comments that have been left on my last few posts, I love to read them and I'm sorry if I don't always get around to replying but I'm struggling a bit with this relapse at the moment.

The good news is the Immunologist has agreed to see me after some convincing by my GP and I'm also about to start a stricter anti inflammatory diet this week, wish me luck as I think it's going to be tough.  I'm also looking into having some oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber  so hopefully these Lyme bugs won't know whats about to hit them.

Clare xx


  1. Your squares are lovely, and your drawings are really great! I love that giraffe.

  2. I hope that you are able to arrange the new treatment and that it goes really well. You have had a busy January with your "doings", your squares look great and I like the colours. I look forward to seeing more as you progress. xx

  3. I'm so taken with your sweet coloured squares, there is something so relaxing about the colours you have chosen. I'm really hoping the tiger in your mosaic is not part of your household as I fear it would take some feeding and that lovely little black puss may become a snack! I've read a few Philippa Gregory books but haven't seen this one so will be really looking forward to reading your thoughts and review on it. Good luck with the hyperbaric and treatment.

  4. Cheers for your beautiful work/art/stitching and new medical treatment, Clare!
    Thanks for posting! xx

  5. Lovely mosaic Clare - sweet crochet which will make a lovely throw, and gentle artwork! I'm glad you managed to have an outing and I wish you the best with the immunologist and future treatments. Keep smiling, hugs, Joy x

  6. I like those crochet leaves, very sweet. Encouragement from the sidelines over here for the blanket. I finished an infinity shawl this week for the crochet along. Jo x

  7. What a lovely mosaic, the crochet squares will make a lovely throw. I keep hoping for a little bit of magic from the fairies with the sewing ends in, but no luck so far, ha! ha! You might get lucky with the fairy wand it was quite striking.

  8. I had to giggle at your mosaic, my dear - for those new to your blog they might think you have a tiger in your back garden! ;-) It's lovely to see the monthly round-up, to remind us all (and you especially, given your recent health problems) that you have accomplished quite a bit! Your art is so pretty, I'm impressed by your talent! Chrissie x ps oh yes and the crochet is coming along so well, such sweet spring colours!

  9. Granny squares are looking great. Lovely colour choice. Your drawings of the birds are lovely...clever you x

  10. Loving the monthly mosaic so many pretty things in there!! I also had a new years wish to teach myself how to draw, but I am still to get here. Love all your drawings they are really wonderful Clare as is your pretty granny squares. I do hope that feb is going to be a better month for you. You do know that you are likely to feel worse on this diet to start with, so keep at it!! Xoxo