Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Radio Roses

Hello.......... A couple of weeks ago our local BBC radio station had yarn bombing as one of the phone in subjects on it's morning show.  I was skippy happy to hear they are planning to Yarn Bomb the station building.

 They were asking for people that wanted to help to get in contact.

So I emailed them saying I'd love to help, I'd made lots of crocheted flowers for my seasonal wreaths and that I was already making some flowers and things for a project in Cumbria so I thought it would be good to make something for somewhere local.  As a after thought I said to 'P' 'they won't read that out on the show will they?' 'No' was the reply.

Wrong, my five seconds of fame followed shortly when they read out my email and even asked to put this picture of my wreaths

up on Radio Kents Facebook page eek.


luckily 'P' was out at the shops, by the time they read it out on air otherwise I never would have lived it down, I was still teased for the next few days as apparently it's very funny.

Any road mortification over !

I set about making some Roses, I just love how these springy spirals become a Rose

The larger Blooms are made using the Rose pattern from 'Cute and Easy Crochet with Flowers' by Nikki Trent and the smaller ones are good old Attic 24's May Roses

I also made some blossoms and added some pretty beads all made from yarn from my stash.

The theme for the yarn bombing is hearts and flowers so I made a few extra hearts last week when I made my Valentines Garland

Here they all are bright and cheerful and ready to go off in the post.

I'm so looking forward to seeing the photo's of the yarn bombing at the BBC.

Sometimes life just makes you smile. So onwards and upwards to the next project, making some nature themed crochet for the Woollen Woods.

As for reading I'm still enjoying Earthly Joys by Philippa Gregory, part of the book is set in Canterbury so not far from my little corner of the world, so it's interesting reading a book set in the 1600's, where the son attends a school still exsists today, in fact my neighbour used to teach there.

Joining Ginny's 'Yarn along'

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. They are beautiful and you should be very proud :)

  2. Well done you, I am so proud of you for e-mailing them and taking part in this. So many people would not have the courage to have even sent the e-mail, so I think that you did brilliantly. I hope that you can share some photos of your items in place, or a link to them perhaps? It is wonderful that they wanted to share your wreaths as well!! Brilliant job! xx

  3. Brilliant and well done to you. These are so gorgeous and I love the colours. You'll be doing autographs next!

  4. Well done Clare - it's so wonderful of you to reach out and help, and your wreaths are so gorgeous I'm not surprised they posted about them! Hugs, Joy x

  5. Cheers for you, Clare! I am glad your beautiful work is being recognized. I must make some roses for my Grand, Rose :) xx

  6. Well done you! That sounds like such fun to participate, and your beautiful wreaths deserve special mention for sure - they are both just lovely. You're going to have to take a pic of the station once it's all decked out in yarny finery, and share it with us.
    Happy Wednesday, xx

  7. Just FAB, I've never tried roses, only the chocolate type of course!! Will have to have a look and a practise
    Well Done,Thanks for sharing
    Best Wishes
    Sue xx

  8. Well done Clare on being a Radio Star. Your wreaths are so beautiful you deserve praise indeed. Stunning flower makes in lovely colours, it's great to see how the springy spirals become roses. Please can we see a pic of the Radio Station all decked out.

  9. Awh how lovely to have a brief moment of fame and to have those gorgeous wreaths on a FB page, you have every reason to blush and to feel uber proud. I love yarn bombing and I think its great that you wanted to contribute to your local yarnbombing. I so enjoyed making Niki Trench's roses when I did my teapot and I just love how they spiral. That book you are reading looks really interesting. Hope you are having a better week and that you are feeling a little more spritely and famous that is! xoxo

  10. Your roses are gorgeous! And well done on your moments of fame!
    Marianne x

  11. You're famous, Clare! That's really cool. Your flowers are beautiful and they're lucky to have them.

  12. Very exciting news about your five minutes of fame, I love it you are famous for crochet fun! The book sounds very interesting.

  13. Your flowers are beautiful and the wreaths stunning. Your few moments of fame really made me smile, well done you.

  14. No blushing allowed. You should be very proud and happy to be recognized. Enjoy the fame. Your flowers are beautiful.

  15. How exciting! I would have told everybody, but that is just me!! teasing or no teasing. Pretty flowers. Jo x

  16. Well done you! You deserve accolades for your gorgeous wreaths! I love the idea of yarn bombing, how lucky for you to be able to contribute! Your flowers are simply wonderful! Chrissie x

  17. I love the idea of yarn bombing! Your flowers and hearts are lovely x

  18. Well done for your moment of fame , your hearts and flowers look wonderful I love your wreaths.