Friday, 29 November 2013

Three Things 31/52

 Hello........ it's year of happy time again so here are this weeks 'three things'

Number one:

Is my little bit of Autumn.  Being mostly stuck in the house, over the last few weeks this view, no in fact these four trees have made me skippy happy, every time I pass the window I stop and look at there gorgeous colours.  It's hard to believe they have held onto there wonderful leaves for so long, when all the other trees about have bare branches, I mean, come Sunday it'll be December.

Number two:

This weeks second happy are my crafting assistants Dylan and Merlin  They are never far away especially now the weather has turned colder, although sometimes it is a bit tricky trying to find some people space in the bed.

Number three:

Is that yippee and hooray my guitar is finally back from being repaired, It's been in need of repair since August when it developed a strange rattle as a large piece of wood had come loose and was floating around inside the body, so I'm skippy happy to finally have it repaired and back with me.

Due to  November  grey I was unable to take a good photo of it today, so I found this gorgeous image on goggle. It by a artist called 'Charlie Corrigan'  you can see more of her fab artwork 'here' on her blog, go check it out.

I hope she doesn't mind me using this image, it's just so lovely and peaceful.
Well that all the Happy for now, the weeks just seems to be flying by lately.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who's been celebrating.
Have a happy week
Clare xx


  1. Lovely happies Clare - Dylan and Merlin are gorgeous and obviously 'rule the roost'! Wishing you lots of happies for next week too. Hugs, Joy x

  2. Looks like you don't have to worry about cold feet when you're crafting! Those trees are wonderful, I love the fact they're all different colours :) xxx

  3. Love all the Happy, you make me happy just reading this post.

  4. Such wonderful things to be happy about. Like you I really appreciate the view as getting out is something I miss so much. You have a lovely view from your window! Love your little assistants, it makes crafting all the more enjoyable and a big yippee for getting your guitar back, I can't wait to hear your first song, I do hope you are going to give us a song over here?! xoxo