Sunday, 17 November 2013

Three Things 29/52

Hello lovelies, just look how gorgeous the Sunset was tonight here at the Summerhouse, the nights may well be drawing in now but my we have had some wonderful sunset this week.  It's year of happy time again, so here are this weeks 'Three Things'

Number one:

My first thing this week made me skippy happy, although it wasn't without it's strange happenings. On Saturday night my sister, nephew and I went in search of Clare friendly fireworks.  It's many years since I've been to a bonfire night.  As they are not held in the most wheelchair friendly places muddy fields not good, plus my immune system is not great so going where there is a large group of people this time of year with so many colds and flu about is just not a good idea.

 My sister came up with a plan when she saw there was to be a display on the beach.  So we headed for the seafront at first. It was pitch black on the prom as there is no lighting, so torch in hand we found a bench and were just putting the picnic rug on it  when .... in 'L's' words as he explained it later to 'P' 'a huge thing came out of the darkness with glowing red eyes and jumped on Auntie Clare.........' yes only these things happen to me.

 Out of the darkness out of nowhere came a huge Husky who jumped up at me. He was taller than me, when he was up on his back legs, with his front paws on my shoulders, and very slobbery. He kept jumping up and at one point I thought he was going to knock me off my feet. Really sometimes I do wonder if I'm in my own version of the Truman Show as I rarely go out but if I do something always seems to happen. Oh well never mind I guess it's nice to make friends................  

Back to the bonfire well we could see a huge glow in the distance.
So we got back into the car and headed further along the front until this huge bonfire appeared,  can you see how tiny the martial's in front of it look.  We managed to park  further along away from the crowds right on the beach so all I had to do was get out and sit on a rock. A perfect Clare friendly way to watch,

the wonderful fireworks

These are some pictures my sister took, as I was too busy oohing and ahhing at the fireworks, one skippy happy Clare.

Number two:

My second happy thing, is that I made it to craft club, I've not been to for a while, I've miss so many with this relapse. We only managed to stay for half of it but it was good to go. I took my hook and sparkly yarn along and made this teeny tiny snow flakes for the Wintertime wreath. 

Number three:

Number three this week is this Bubbly goodness, being mostly housebound I do nearly all my shopping online, which can be tricky when buying now toiletries.  My illness has kindly given me multiple chemical sensitivities as a fab fun symptom, yes no perfumes for Clare anymore, nor cleaning products or air fresheners even washing powders and fabric softeners can be problematic, trial error find the one you can use. So there are lots of products I just can't use. I think I'm a bit like a canary down the mine, reacting to stuff, that's probably not good for any of us. 

 I really fancied a little cheer up treat, when we did the online grocery shop so I thought I would risk it and try these new Bubbles.  

Well when they came I tentatively opened the lid and gave them a little sniff, and they were so lovely, with a fairly gentle fragrance of Lemonbalm and Mallow (plus no reaction.)  Yippee, happy happy happy.

Bubbles galore.

Well that's all the happy for this week.

Have a happy week.
Clare xx


  1. These are nice happy things. I love bubble baths but haven't had one in so long. I should do that soon. I'm glad you were able to see the fireworks and I'm glad you weren't hurt by the dog. I understand, I often think I might be like Forrest Gump or someone like that. :)

  2. Lovely happies Clare - so glad you got to see the fireworks and the super-friendly husky, and it must have been nice catching up with regulars at the craft club after being away from it for awhile. Sensitivities to numerous things can be such a problem but it must be lovely for you to look forward to, and enjoy, new bubbly bath and sweet relaxation time. Enjoy and keep happy! Hugs,Joy xo

  3. This is a lovely happy post, its good to see you having fun and not getting held back with your health problems :) That bubbly looks so good, and I am glad to hear you could use it without any reaction to it!

  4. I'm smiling for you, Clare, I'm feeling your happy moments, too! So glad you found fireworks! Cx

  5. Lots of lovelies - I'm so pleased your bubbles worked for you. I can imagine how good that must have been to have a lovely soak with bubbles you didn't react to. Juliex

  6. Lovely happies, glad you enjoyed the fireworks and your lovely bubble bath.
    Marianne x