Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pink Sugar Cookies

This week a certain little girl I know turned six, and seeing as this VIP was popping round for a cuppa and a Birthday present with her Mum and brother today I thought I would makes some cookies to celebrate.

In my head this was going to be a quick and easy cookie make, as I had some frozen cookie dough in the freezer, but on Friday things went a bit a rye. 'P' search in the big chest freezer for about a hour to no avail the cookie dough was missing dum dum dum!

So at this point I decided it would be much quicker just to make some more. Foolishly I decided to make a batch of cookie dough using a recipe that came in a magazine with my Butterfly cutters, as the plan was to make some Flutterby biscuits for the birthday girl.

Brain fog, no energy and a dodgy recipe meant that despite following the recipe to the letter when it came to rolling out the dough, it was still really sloppy sticky and unrollable, we must have added more flour to mix on the board than was in the orginal recipe. 

They finally went in the oven, after a bit of a change of plan. I decided to make some little some stars too as they were easier to cut out.

So sorry no photo's of this as I was in such a exhausted daze by this point, I completely forgot.
It was off to bed for me, one exhausted baker.

So day two of the bake it was time for the fun part. I rolled out some ready roll pink icing, I love using this vintage Pyrex rolling pin, although I'm also a little scared every time that I might drop it.

After topping the biscuits with the icing it was time to decorate them, I loved this bit letting my creativity loose.

I finally got to use some of the cake decorating bits I got for my Birthday back in the Spring.

So as you can tell I don't bake very often these days as I find it very exhausting, pesky ill health ruining the fun again.

I made some cookies without icy too, so they were suitable for one of my guests who has a nut allergy. The actual cookies are lactose free too.

I made Pretty girly butterflies for the Birthday girl

Lots of fun was had with different designs for the star cookies.
Star with mini stars

Crazy glitter icing 'more is more' stars

Pretty stars

I even made a couple of Spongebob Patrick's stars as some of the cookies lost there shape when baked and looked just like him, so I couldn't resist.

Ta-Dah here are the butterflies ready for tea and

a second Ta-Dah for the star cookies.

 I think I like them the best, even though they were a happy accident and not part of the original plan.

They are all long gone now, munched by family and friends and some taken home for another day.

Clare x


  1. Hi Clare, thank you for all your kind comments over at mine. Your biscuits look yummy and I LOVE your spring wreath.
    I'm your latest follower.
    Jacquie x

  2. Wow you did very well Clare in the face of adversity - they do look magical! Happy Birthday to a 'certain little girl', I'm sure she was delighted with your lovely biccies! Hugs, Joy x

  3. They're so pretty, Clare. Any little girl would be happy to have them for her birthday!

  4. That is the prettiest batch of pink cookies! The absolute perfect shade of pink, I bet you had lots of smiles from the birthday girl and guests! Chrissie x

  5. These are so gorgeous Clare, I love those pretty butterflies with their sparkly wings and the pretty shining stars. You did such a wonderful job considering you were feeling rather rubbish. I am sure the little girl grinned from ear to ear when she saw your beautiful handiwork. Well done you and thank you for linking them in too, they are so so pretty! xoxo