Sunday, 24 November 2013

Three Things 30/52

Hello it's that time again, I'm running a bit late this week with my Year of Happy post as I've a few bad days this week, with my health but better late than never here's this weeks 'Three Things'

Number one:

This week is the fab fun girls night in, that we had last Saturday night. With my two best friends, we've know each other since we were teens, far to many years to count back. So it's always great to get together. Lot of chatting, laughter, good food and drink (for those who can) and some music.  

While the mini's also had sleep overs too. So a big thank you to my lovely friend 'L' for hosting and managing to fit all 8 of us in for a sleep over.

I even finished a song I've been writing for a while now, we had a lot of fun working on a three part harmony for it. A great night all in, shame it's taken me a week to get over it, but well worth the payback health wise as so lovely to have a get together.

Number two:

Now this did make me skippy happy, as it was such a wonderful surprise.  Last weekend my sister went to a nearby farm shop and when I got home on Sunday after a wonderful night I was presented with these gorgeous anemone's. Ohhhhhhh how skippy skippy happy they made me as they are my favourites and I thought only flowered in the Springtime. So it was a double delight.

Just look at the colours, how gorgeous they are ...

Evey time I've looked at them this week, they have made my heart sing and the good news is a week later they are still going strong. So a huge thank you and a happy hug for my lovely sister.

Number three:

Is the joy that is new  P'J's, need I say more ..........

I hope you've had a happy week, what ever you have been up to.  I know that soon things will start getting crazy busy with the onset of the December frenzy, but I'm going to try and hold onto the happy in the next few of week. To try and find it, in all the stressful and exhausting busyness that comes with lead up to the big day.

Have a happy week

Clare xx


  1. Very fun things to be thankful for,
    Hugs and have a great week,

  2. Beautiful flowers Clare, and what a lovely surprise from your Sister. I'm with you all the way with new PJ's.

  3. These are lovely happy things, Clare. The sleepover sounds really fun! I hope you have a good week and that you're feeling better.

  4. Happy Happies Clare - glad you had your girlie night but sorry it took a bit of getting over, I love all your colourful blooms, and how kind and thoughtful is your lovely sister! Do enjoy your week and try to pace yourself well through all this busy time.Hugs, Joy xo

  5. I'm glad you managed your girls night, the PJ's are pretty, the pink of the first pair is about the same colour as the anenome - they were one of my Mum's favourite flowers too xxx

  6. Such a happy happy post :) A girl's night in sounds fantastic!! Your flowers are beautiful and great that you got them at this time of year too!!

    Mmmmmm new pjs, I love christmas for this reason as I always get new pjs he he

  7. A lovely post Clare and its put a smile on my dial just to know that you had a good night out (well in you know what I mean). I am really pleased to hear this as we have so few of these and even though the payback is rubbish, it somehow does feel well worthy it. I hope it hasn't been too bad a payback and that you are feeling ok. You are always in my thoughts and I hope that by writing this song, which sounds great, you are re-energising your soul a little. Gorgeous anemone's, and who doesn't love new PJ's, they look lovely. Take care of yourself. Much love xoxo

  8. A lovely happy post. Those flowers from your sister are beautiful.
    Marianne x