Tuesday, 26 November 2013

November's Pick and Mix

Hello........ It's time for Novembers Summerhouse pick and Mix, the little bits and bobs of Summerhouse living.

The view from the window:

This month I have two images for you. This one how I wish the month had mostly been, bright breezy and sunny and don't get me wrong we have had a few of these days

Mostly it has been like this November grey, and as for last week here at the Summerhouse house the weather was truly miserable. All it did was plip plip plip with rain and blow a gale straight off the North sea.  
While the rest of UK seemed to fair much better with it's weather, with tales of blue skies, crisp morning and frosts.  How I longed to see those things, thankfully this week has proved much better with blue skies aplenty. At least all that rain means the field are turning green again.

So what's to be done on a rainy grey November day? Well it calls for hunkering measures
candles to be lit

and chocolaty treats. 
Have you come across these Winter Wonderland bars yet, they come in very handy to ward off the November grey.

Plus of course a splash of colour helps,
my orchid now has five gorgeous blooms on it, with one more bud still to open.
It makes me smiley happy to see it.

Last but not least I find a bit of magazine indulgence is also great to remedy the rainy grey.
Yep all the hunkering essentials.

Out in the garden :

There is still colour to found if you look, with even Roses in bud and a few geraniums hanging in there. As well as the winter Jasmine that is now out. Lots of  pinks and purples about still, my favourites.

I had to look hard but I even found one lone flower in the wildflower border.

As this relapse seems to have set in for the long haul I've been doing a bit of reading up and have decided to make some changes in the New Year.  I already eat a fairly healthy organic wholefood diet (except for the odd bit of chocolate) I  mostly eat dairy and yeast free. 

Lately I've been reading a lot about anti imflammatory diets for Lyme disease and seeing as a lot of my symptoms are inflammatory based I think I'm going to give it a go. I'm already a lot of the way there, but I do need to cut out sugar and other inflammation causing foods. eek.

There's no way I'll be able to start this before Christmas so it's a plan for the New year. 
Wish me luck !!!
Has anyone tried a anti imflamatory diet, if so I'd love to here how you got on?

November's four seasons:

Out in the Summerhouse garden things have become a little confused, with evidence of



The hope of Spring

and even Summer thanks to this determined Geranium that is in bud.
All to be found this passed month.

Crafting Assistants:

Spending lots of time in bed I find that especially now the weather has turned colder, crafting assistants are never far away.  On Monday firstly Merlin hopped up on the bed and snuggled down to keep a close eye on some Ribbons

Followed not long after by the lovely Dylan. I'd not had my craft supplies out long before they both appeared.  Does anyone else have handy crafting assistants like these?

They truly are a blessing !!!!!!
 I did get some crafting done though.

Here's what I was making.
Ribbon flowers for my Wintertime wreath.

Well I guess that's all the pick and mix for this month.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. Wow Clare, what a great post covering so much! I wish I could send you some sunshine to brighten your days but perhaps your crafting assistants are good at that anyway! I love your little ribbon flowers and I'd love to love your chocolate too but must not think about that!!! How wonderful that you still have lovely blooms in your garden, now that is cheering on a cold winter's day, and - I will be very interested to hear how you progress regarding an anti-inflammatory diet - sugar is/can be a huge contributor but so very difficult to cut down, never mind out!!!
    Wishing you the best, Clare, hugs, Joy xo

  2. Hello Clare, thank you so much for your wonderful post. Your crafting assistants look so adorable, and I love your little candle. I've never seen this chocolet (yet) but will have a look for it. Your flowers look amazing and still growing too, definately an pick me up with such blustry weather. Take care

  3. That chocolate looks good, I must look out for it. Your little candle is very sweet.
    Marianne x

  4. So many beautiful things to see today. I hope your Lyme's gets under control soon. My brother in law has it and it sure is ugly when it flares up.

  5. So many lovely things to see Clare and I love the view from your window. There are certainly a few things to cheer you up, lovely magazines, good books and then the chokkie, oh yes! I will be thinking of you in January, I did it for about 14 months and it made such a big difference to my health and especially my symptoms. I still eat only fresh food, nothing processed, I have to caffeine, dairy, wheat, lectin containing foods, but I have my one little thing which is a very small piece of cake a day, no other sugar. I eat around 7 vegetables a day and my diet is protein loaded. I think you will find that as soon as you see the benefits it wont be a problem, that was how it was for me. Really I need to get back on it completely and maybe next year I will try and be a little better with more self discipline to have only one slice of cake per week (I used to do this for about a year after I finished the diet). I am sorry that it is still lingering and I really hope that you start to feel better before Christmas. Sending much love your way xoxo