Friday, 19 July 2013

Three things :: 12/52

It's year of happy time again at the Summerhouse and what a baking hot heatwave of week it's been, so here's this weeks three things.

Number one :

On Sunday when my nephew and the rest of the family came over for a visit, he presented me with this lovely little flower arrangement.  That he had made for me, yes you heard me right he actually made this lovely little floral offering himself he's such a sweetie.  The town where they live was having a street extravaganza  on Saturday with all the shops involved. So as well as swapping some of his Lego figures that are doubles for new ones in the toy shop, he also choose to go into the florist and create this for me, he said "I picked all your favourite colours Aunty Clare" and he got it spot he really did purple, pinks and magenta, and such a lovely arrangement too, he such a star.  It's still going strong this little pot of happy he made for me, I love it so.

Number two

Is all about are cat Dylan, (please ignore the old bench that needs a lick of paint) he's not been very well for the last few weeks, but he's finally feeling better.  It makes me so happy to see him on the mend all blissed out lying on the bench enjoying the warm summer's evenings.  He managed to injure his throat eating papyrus grass, (don't ask he's not the brightest ) and developed a very bad cough and sore throat, yes we had a cat with laryngitis, but he's much better for a weeks worth of anti imflammatories from the vet.  It's so horrible when pets are poorly. Aww he's  such a cutie, he's lost his winter coat so all his undercoat is visible at the moment or as we say at the Summerhouse, Dilly we can see you pants and vest.

Number three :

I'm sorry but I'm going to wax lyrical about another rose.  They seems to be doing so well this year.  This one is right outside our front door, it has such huge blooms and is such a gorgeous colour plus the scent is divine too.  It makes me so happy to see it every time I open the door. It's not planted in the best location really as it get so huge over the summer and has a tendency to grab unsuspecting visitors who come to the front door with it's large thorns, but I love it all the same, every year we cut it right down low and sure enough it springs right back.  Come Halloween we have to cut it right back as it loves nothing more than grabbing unsuspecting trick or treaters.

Well that's all the happy for this week.

Clare xx


  1. What a nice nephew! He sounds like a wonderful young man. I'm glad Dylan is feeling better but his shedding made me laugh; his pants and vest! Haha. Pretty rose, I love red and pink roses best myself. :)

  2. Gorgeous rose and what beautiful flowers from your nephew.
    M x