Friday, 26 July 2013

Three Thing :: 13/52

Here's this weeks year of happy post, I snuck in a extra one this week it's the above pic, I'm really loving seeing all the different wild flowers growing in the border. There is always something new to see.  Look how stunning this pink flower is, does anyone know what it's called?  Leave a comment if you do.

Number one :

Sunday evening my sister a friend and I piled into the car and went to a very pretty little village, here's a picture of the river that runs past the pub ,we went for a chilled night of musical fun. 

The pub was hosting a Americana Session, this was the first time I've be well enough to go, and play in public this year so it was quite a achievement for me although somewhat nerve wracking. A lovely night, listening to some great musicians.  I had to have a few days in bed recovering but it was well worth the payback.  If you want to hear a couple of my songs, you can have a listen 'here' and 'here' they are at the bottom of the 'Pick and Mix posts.

Number two :

Is this lovely little Birdie, yesterday at craft club, a friend surprised me with this cute little bird, that she had got for me on a recent visit to a nearby castle.  We spent a lovely hour or so at craft club chatting and doing a little crafting, with a bit of show and tell of everyone's completed projects and some royal baby name chat.  I was so pleased to discover when I got home that, I had got the name right, when I said I thought they would call the baby George .

Number three :

Is the fun of starting a new crochet project.  This is a little project that I'm going to be taking away with me next week, I won't say what it's going to be yet, as if I can get it finished on time it's going to be part of a thank you gift.  Yes next week I'm hopefully going away for a few days holiday,  so I won't be around for a week from Monday.  I'm really looking forward to having a little break, we are going to stay at a friends cottage. I'm taking some crochet, my colouring book, reading book and my ipod with me ,essentials to keep me occupied on rest days, when everyone's out and about. Oh to be able to have a holiday away from the ME/Lyme's but I'm looking forward to it all the same. 

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx

For some reason the first music link isn't working at the moment, so if your interested I've put another one 'here'

Bye xx 


  1. That flower is stunning but I have no idea what it is, such a gorgeous colour. Have a fabby break ~ Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, it such a pretty flower but I can't find out what it is, have asked around and no one seem to know, maybe it's best as a mystery. Have a great weekend.
      Clare x

  2. What a pretty little village, very picturesque. Hope you have a lovely break away.
    M x