Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Seaside living.

Last week when I was down at the beach before my appointment. I took a few pictures and thought I'd share with you a little bit about my corner of the world. As you can see the beach in pebbly. When the taxi dropped me off  I was so please to see the jolly seaside view of the lovely blue fishing boat bobbing along. 

I love the beach as it's naturalised with so many wild flowers, these picture were taken more toward the town but further up, it much more wild, it sure can getting very wild and windy around theses parts.  What else can we see ......

I live in a very old sleepy seaside town with a lots of history, with so many beautiful old building, we have a pier as you can see and three castles, two still standing, lots of old streets with a history of smugglers, in fact lots of the older houses have smugglers tunnels underneath running down to the sea.

We also just about still have some fishing boats, when I was a kid they stretched all along the beach.

This is the view away from the town, and my preferred end of the beach.  If I make it down to the beach again in the Summer, it'll be to go to that end of the beach, I'll try to remember to take my camera.

I love the way the plants just grow out of the shingle, it amazing how resilient nature can be

I found this little lot just on the small patch of beach I could see from the bench I was sitting on.

 Aww there are the lovely wild sweet peas again

Looking along the beach you can sea one of the Castles

There are also lots of lovely building along the seafront, isn't this one sweet.

So many old historical building, in my sleepy seaside town, it's a quiet place not overly touristy almost like time has passed it by a lovely place to live and visit.

I love living by the sea, lots of sailors in the family so I guess it in my blood, I couldn't imagine ever wanting to live too far from the sea.  Many years ago when I went travelling with a friend across Canada, I remember feeling very strange and missing the sea when we were in the centre of the country, it felt so wrong to be away from it.

  I might not be well enough to get down to the sea very often these days but I guess I still find it reassuring knowing it's there, if you know what I mean, it's hard to explain.  Maybe it's all the positive ions. Who knows........

Clare xx


  1. Very nice photos. It's interesting that you have those same purple flowers growing on the pebbles that I have here, in the desert! They must be very hardy to be able to thrive in such diverse climates.

    1. Natures alway amazes me how things can thrive in such extreme climates.x

  2. beautiful photos

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
    M x

  4. Have you ever looked in the windows of that sweet little house? (photo below the castle one) There is a teddy who lives there who gets up to all sorts - well worth a look next time you're passing :) xxx

  5. Thanks for sharing lovely photos.. keep share about summer Houses