Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Band plays on

On Sunday the whole family bundled into the car and went down to the seaside, not for a trip to the beach as you would expect in this baking hot weather. Instead we gathered on the green, with many more inhabitant of our little seaside town, for a very special concert that happens once a year.

The band of the Royal Marines were in town for there annual concert,  there has been a link  to the town as far back as 1658 (we do have quite a lot maritime history about these parts). In fact right up until 1996 The Royal Marines School of music was based in the town so every year since then they have returned to play a concert and rededicate the memorial bandstand. So on Sunday we set up our chairs and picnic blankets and listened to some wonderful music.

I even took my crochet along, this is my last Yarndale bunting pennant in the making, hooked up while the sun shone the band played, the drummers drummed and the sea crashed to shore.

There was even a fly past by a Spitfire and a Hurricane,  not the best photo's but they moved fast and my camera works really slowly.

There they go !!!

A lunch of yummy fish and chips were eaten, the best way of all, in the fresh air by the sea, this was a very British Event so be warned there will be a few more quintessentially  British moments before we're through.

Not sure how many but I'd say a lot !!!! of people turn up to this event, as they do every year and stood in silent remembrance for two minutes as the Memorial Bandstand was rededicated.  You see our small sleepy seaside town has very sad memories too in it's recent history, it'll be twenty five years next year since our the town was rocked my a terrible event of terrorism, in which the barracks was bombed.  The people of the town still turn out in there thousands to show there support every year.

 This is not one of my pictures it comes from the Memorial Bandstand facebook page. I've put a link 'here' to the page, if anyone want to check out the photo's and some video clips. I just wanted to share with you how popular and important this event is to the town.

After the rededication service part of the concert  it was onto some more uplifting music and a patriotic sing song. We even had some Strawberries for good measure.

 There was a little bit of flag waving to be done to the final few songs, it all went a bit 'last night of the Proms' here on the green.  Then we all piled back into the car and home for a nice cup of tea, yes we had a very British day indeed, here at the Summerhouse on Sunday.

Yep here's my flag mid wave.

Clare xx


  1. That looks like a Great British day out - and a lovely memorial too.

    1. It was a lovely way to spend a Summers afternoon. x

  2. That looks like a wonderful way to spend the day.
    M x

    1. A perfect Summers afternoon, been so hot though the last few days, sure does make me sleepy. I hope you are enjoying the Summer holidays xx

  3. Having never visited Britain, I truly appreciate reading a post full of British things. :) It looks like you had a lovely day. Your fish and chips look really tasty.

    1. That's great to know Jennifer as I was wondering if it was a bit too, patriotic, as I'm not really overly patriotic but did'nt know another way to write it xx and yes the fish and chips were really good, such a treat. xx

  4. Hi Clare,

    I'm doing some crochet made from recycled plastic to decorate our garden.
    I was looking for a pattern to make a flagline and I found it at your lap. They are perfect triangles and can be uses as flags. Thank you for sharing. I also like the flowers on your skirt!!

    If you would like to have a look a my plastic crochet work, please go ahead:

  5. Hi Brigitte, thanks for the lovely comment, the pattern for the bunting triangle comes from Lucy's Attic 24 blog granny bunting tutorial. I'm heading over to your blog now for a look, you garden decoration sounds really intersting. x