Monday, 29 July 2013

Birdie from the Attic

As I mentioned I'm away this week, so hopefully the schedule thingy will be posting this. I was looking for a little make that I could leave as thank you gift to the friends who are letting us stay at there cottage and I found just the one, at the wonderful Attic 24.  It's perfect as I do love all things birdie.

Easter is a big deal for my friends who own the cottage so I decided I would make one of Lucy's Birdie decorations to leave behind as part of a thank you gift, that they can add to there Easter decorations,

As always I found Lucy wonderful tutorials so easy to follow and used some Stylecraft Special DK from my stash in lovely spring colours.

First I made a round

Then the beak and wings

Then attached them, to my flat as a pancake looking bird adding some cute flower buttons for the eyes.

Then I folded my birdie in half, see he looks much more like a birdie now !!

Following Lucy's tutorial I made a chain to hang my birdie, a flower and

Some dangly leggies with flower button feet and after a little stuffing

 Ta- Dah my little birdie thank you gift was complete.

If you want to make a little Attic 24 birdie then you can find the tutorial 'here' . If not I recommend popping over to Attic24 anyway as it a wonderful world of colour to escape into. The birdie was lots of fun to make, it took me about four days going a little over my normal 10 minutes a day craft pacing time, but as I've been bed resting lots this week in preparation for my holiday, it's been the perfect little make to keep my occupied.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Thanks for posting, Clare! I have yet to try to make any of Lucy's colorful creations, but you have reminded me that I want to do so. I imagine your friends will appreciate the gift you left them, since I would :)
    Gracie xx

    1. Thanks Gracie, they are going to be going to the cottage this week so I'm looking forward to hearing what they make of it, I also left a bottle of something nice and some bubble wands for the children. x

  2. A fab little bird Clare. I love his dangly legs! Enjoy your time away.

    1. Thanks, we had a lovely few days, will be blogging about it all hopefully this week. x

  3. Thank you, I can't wait to make one. I allways like thhis birds but never know how to make :)