Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Three things : 10/52

I'm running a bit behind with my 'year of happy post',  as I was away the end of last week, so here they are last weeks 'three things'

Number one :

Is this lovely Sass Belle fabric butterfly clip that my nephew 'L' gave to me, isn't it super cute. It was a little treat he brought me back from his travels.  I do love Sass Belle things, my little birdie sewing kit is also from there range.

Number two:

Is this little flower, well more what it represent this is the first plant to flower in the wild life strip planted earlier in the year, my friend and plant detective 'F'  kindly identified it for me as a Phacelia (scorpion weed) it very pretty and several are now flowering. I was so please this morning when I went to take a picture for the blog to see several bee buzzing around these plants.  So the plan to help the wildlife is working, Happy Happy.  I'm looking forward to seeing what other treasures start to flower in the border as we sowed three different wild flower and meadow mixes.

Number three:

Number three this week is surprises in the post. A friend who I've only met through Facebook kindly set me these lovely craft supplies in the post. I was so touched  by this thoughtful gesture.  How very kind and lovely people can be. As you can see I have three sheets of birdie based cards and a selection of lovely flowers. I had such a smile of my face when I opened up this little lot. So a huge thank you goes out to the sender of this fab surprise post.

That's all the happy for this time

Have a happy week

Clare xx


  1. Some very lovely happy things.
    M x

  2. Pretty, happy things, Clare. I love the butterfly.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, it's sweet isn't it.x

  3. Gorgeous happies - what a sweet little butterfly!
    Have a lovely week,