Monday, 11 March 2013

Spring Time Project :: Anemone Pattern


The view from the window: March

Morning all I hope everyone had a great weekend. Winter is back with a avengeance here today at the Summerhouse it's absolutely freezing, it's snowing and there is a biting easterly wind blowing off the sea. So I'm glad I'm snuggled up warm in the house with my knitting and crochet to do. The above view from the window was taken earlier this morning, now snow is falling heavily and the windmill is lost in it's midst.

At least the fields are starting to turn green though, next month they will probably have turned yellow as they are usually planted with oil seed rape and I will be sneezing and suffering with the terrible hay fever that it always gives me. It may look pretty and be a useful crop but when it flowers it's nasty stuff and causes a lot of suffering to some of the locals around this part of the world.

Any road today I thought I'd share with you, the pattern I have created for the Anemones I've been making for my Spring time wreath you can read  more here . This is the first crochet pattern I've ever come up with, and I think they look some what like the flowers they are supposed to be.

Anemones are one of my favourite flowers I love there vibrant colours the purple's the blue's the pink's, reds' and whites are all so lovely, here's a big bunch I was given for my birthday last year. I love them so much they make my heart sing. There are some planted in the border by the Summerhouse too, I can't wait for them to come up again this year.

In fact even though I'm not a very good at art I was inspired to paint a water colour of them, to try and capture there lovely colours, I don't think I managed it very well though.

Anemone Pattern

Before we start I suppose I should tell you that I am using UK crochet terms.
You can either use a 4mm or 3.5mm hook. The stitches used are;

chain -ch
Slip stitch -ss
Double crochet -dc
Treble crochet- tr

So hopefully it's quite an easy pattern to follow, as I'm a beginner myself.

Using Black yarn cast on 6 ch and join into a ring with ss

Make 16dc in to the ring, ss into first st to finish off

Join the second colour, using a ss into the finished off stitch

To make the first petal *ch6, then 2tr into the next 2 st's, then ch6, ss into the next st*

repeat * this 4 more time until you have 5 petals.

Fasten off  with a ss into the first st.

Then sew in the ends

and Ta-dah you have you very own crocheted Anemone.

This is the difference when using a 4mm v 3.5mm hook.

I've make several of these and I'm going to have some spares, as well as some of the other Spring flowers I'm making. So the plan is to make some of them into brooches to donate to a auction that is being held to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and Invest in ME.

Happy Crafting
Clare x


  1. Your flowers are exactly the same colour and shape as the real ones - you've done a great job! :)

    1. Thanks, the real ones will be in season again soon, just need to get rid of all of this snow first :0) x

  2. Clever you! They are beautiful, the crochet and painted versions. Wonderful! :)

    1. Thanks for you're lovely comment Christina :0)