Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring Time project:: Nearly there

It's been a long time in the making but this afternoon I finally starting assembling my Springtime wreath, above is a sneaky peek at the wreath, in advance of tomorrows grand Ta-Dah moment, I've just got a little bit more to do and then it will be complete and just in time for Easter. yippee so exciting.

I first decided to make a wreath to celebrate Spring time at the New Year, you know, one of those crazy new year resolution ideas. So this had been quite an ongoing project for me, with my limited crafting time due my health related pacing program. So today I thought I would post a little recap of the flowers I've made along the way, not all of them have made it into the final wreath, but nothing is going to be wasted as I'm in the process of making some of the spares into brooches for a charity auction, more on that another day.

So the tale of the flowers began on the 4th January when I made my first every crocheted flower.

 I then made this Rose.

Then this little blue butterfly, using embroidery silk.

Followed by these

Then these Anemones

then some Polyanthus

Followed by some Attic24 Daffodils

then more Roses

And finally today I made these Cherry and Apple Blossoms, as I needed yet more flowers to fill up the wreath.

Then came the knitting, I knitted and knitted and knitted some more until I had enough to cover this polystyrene wreath, but more on that tomorrow, when I'll be telling you how I put it all together before the big reveal of my completed Spring time Wreath.

Happy Crafting
Clare x

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