Sunday, 3 March 2013

Blossom, Mother's Day card

Over the weekend I've been making a Mother's Day card, for my lovely Mum, she does so much for me, so I wanted to make her a really special card to say Thank you.  In the UK Mother's day or Mothering Sunday as my Nan used to say, falls on the 10th March this year.

Do you remember the new craft supplies I bought a couple of weeks ago. I posted about them here well I've been putting them to good use.

I had this idea that I wanted to make my Mum a blossom card as she loves Cherry blossom and has been looking forward to spring, especially over the last few weeks during this cold spell we've been having. I had the idea to make a variation of my Birdie blossom card, you can read all about my Birdie cards here .So my Mother's day card is going to be a butterfly blossom card. I do love a paper flower.

I drew up a quick sketch of my general concept, added some paper flowers, which gave me a basis to start from and thankfully it showed me that it worked as a concept for a greetings card yippee.

I then cut out some blue polka dot paper with my scalloped scissors and drew some branches free hand in pencil. I had great fun playing around with the flowers arranging and rearranging them.

Once I had them laid out in a pleasing way, which took a little while as I very indecisive I took a quick snap on the camera, my memory terrible. I then tipped all the flowers and butterflies off. So I could draw the branches on with my brown Stablio pen.

Then it was time for the fun bit, sticking the flowers on with mini glue dots, I do love a glue dot. Then adding the butterfly to the top right, I cut down a 'with Love' greeting, which I think helps balance the design.

Originally I had two butterflies on the card, but thought it made it look a bit cluttered, 'less is more,' and all that. So I finally decided on this layout, mini  Ta-dah moment.

I had originally planned on using a white or blue card blank however when I tried out all the options.

I decided I liked the pink one best, which was a bit of a surprise. Although Pink is one of my Mum's favourite colours.


So here's my completed card Ta -Dah. 

All that's left to do now is tidy up and Oh dear what a mess I've made.I'm not the tidiest when I'm absorbed in my crafting. Now's the time to look away if you don't like mess!!

Now for a quick card ingredients list.

  • Brown Stablio pen / Scalloped scissors /glue stick/ mini glue dots
  • pink card blank
  • Blue polka dot paper from the  'me to you' Spring Chic pack
  • Gem stones pearlised and Iridescent
  • Mulberry paper flowers
  • Butterfly and flowers stickers by Sil
  • Miscellaneous paper flowers beads and sequins
  • Glitter Glue
Happy Crafting

Clare x

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