Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Easter Llama

Today's post is going to be all about 'The Easter Llama' her name is Llavinia and I made her as a Easter decoration last year. I liked her so much that I couldn't bare to pack her away with all our other Easter decorations, so she has spent the last year hanging on my blossom tree lights.

The Easter llama pattern came from issue twelve of 'Mollie Makes' magazine, which is one of my favourite craft mags and if you want to make you're very own Easter Llama, you can still download the template 'here'

 I used pink felt for the body of my llama and white for the face, feet, ears and tail, I simply cut out the pieces using the template from the magazine.

I then embroidered the face and attached it to the llama along with her hair. Before this I had never done any embroidery and probably could have done a better job with her face, but it doesn't look to bad from a distance!! I then used blanket stitched  to sew the body together using a pale blue embroidery thread attaching the ears feet and tail as I went. I  then stuffed my llama with cotton wool.

Then it was time to make a pretty flower, Although I was making Llavinia the llama I decided I preferred the simpler flower on one of the other Llama's so I opted for that. I made the flower using pink and green felt attaching some beads and decorating the flower with some sparkly embroidery silk, you can just about see the sparkle in the above photo.

I think she makes a lovely change to the Easter bunny, who must get very tried delivering all the chocolate eggs, so I'm sure he'll be only to happy to have some help from his llama friend.  My little llama is quite tiny only about 7cm tall.

Here she is today nestled in my blossom lights, resting up ready for next weekend, as for me I'm still plodding along with my knitting for the wreath I'm nearly there, hopefully my next post will be the grand reveal moment for my Spring Time Wreath

I've been so busy crocheting flowers this year that I haven't had time to make any Easter Cards, so above is a selection of the cards I made last year, some of the attachments I bought (the eggs) but the others are upcycled. The chicks, flowers and bunnies were recycled into cards from the previous years Easter crackers, I'm so thrifty I couldn't just throw the used cracker away, when they could be used for crafting.

Happy Crafting
Clare x

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