Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring time project :: All things Primrose

Today my post is going to be about all things primrose.  I love Primrose's and Polyanthus, they are such happy flowers, heralding Spring with there many wonderful colours, the colours remind me a bit lovely foil covered Easter eggs, don't you think?

So I simply had to make some to include in my Spring time wreath here . So while I was stuck in bed at the beginning of last week, recovering from my weekend away, I set to crocheting some primroses.

To make my Primrose's I use one of Lucy's tutorial from the wonderful Attic 24. I made mine using Lucy's pattern for 'Teeny Tiny Flowers' link here . I used Saffron yarn for the centres and then some spring colours for the petals. All DK Special by Stylecrafts.

The great thing about crocheting flowers is they are relatively quick to make, so even when I'm stuck in bed feeling ill and exhausted I'm able to make a couple a day, between resting.


I tend to make some over a few days then darn the ends, all in one go as this is the part I like the least.

When I went out shopping a couple of weeks ago here  I bought some Polyanthus to plant up in the window boxes of the Summerhouse. Well they've been sat on the bench in the garden since then waiting to be planted. I was starting to feel very sorry for them.  So by the end of last week after feeling a little better for a few days in bed I decided it was now or never, I had to get them planted. So with 'P's' help over a few days I managed to plant up the window boxes.

'P' set up a table and chair for me by the Summerhouse and lifted the window boxes onto the the table, so I could planted them up. About as low energy, as gardening can get.

I planted one box up at a time then rested for half a day and then did the next and even this I found exhausting. I love to garden and miss it so much, so being able to plant a few polyanthus made me so happy.

I love the vibrant pink of the variegated ones. After a day of resting, the day after that I planted up the final window box. With 'Easter Egg' pink ones with yellow centre's and a white to contrast, this box to sit in the middle of the three with a pink variegated and white box at each end.

I have to say the window boxes are very girlie colours, but the light coloured flowers do stand out much better against the dark wood of the Summerhouse. Although I did manage to sneak a fabulous purple one (my favourite colour) into the hanging basket.

So  now the Summerhouse is all plated up ready for Spring, it's make me smile whenever I see it. Even the bulbs in the border are starting to flower too.  It's seem spring had finally sprung at the Summerhouse by the Sea.

I hope you're all enjoying the Spring Sunshine

Clare x

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  1. Lovely to see some spring colour at last and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished spring wreath! :)