Monday, 22 December 2014

Wintertime Wreath 2014

Hello.......... Yesterday I spent some time re pinning my Wintertime wreath yippee

Here's how it looked last year when it was first completed, I thought that I was just going to re pin it as was but no, my creative side took over as always, so this years wreath has some new elements.

The Holly is still there

As are the Stars



and Ribbon Flowers.

The frosty lacy Stars

and blossoms are back too

This year however I've also added in some of the items from my Autumn Wreath,  The little crocheted frosts are staying

as are the silver leaves

I've also added in these super cute Toadstool, that I purchased at Christmas at Kew Gardens

and of course the baubles, glitter stars and tinsel pompoms are back for the season as are a few berries from Autumn

So would you like a little tour of the New Wintertime wreath?

The left side of the wreath

The top

The right side (how I'm loving those toadstools )

The Bottom of the wreath

The Wintertime wreath is back in town.

Now for a game of spot the difference !! the original wreath is on the left and this years version is on the right.

 Ho ho ho not long to go now.........

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. Thnaks for sharing !! you've probably have seen mine also made with the same method !! That's a great way to decorate our houses !! I hop you'll have a very happy week !

  2. I love your xmas wreath! I made such too this year but my version is minimalistic - just pompoms. Yours looks much much prettier :)

  3. Last years looked pretty now it looks beautiful with the added elements. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. It's beautiful! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas :O)x

  5. What a lovely wreath. The little pops of red look really nice with all the blues and silver. Happy holidays, Tammy

  6. It looks fantastic Clare.

  7. It is so pretty and looks very frosty and icy, just right for Christmas! I love it! Happy Christmas!! xx

  8. Before and after are both amazing, the toadstools are so cute! And I love the birdie :)

  9. So beautiful wreath!!
    Merry Christmas!